Graduate degree programs at Peabody require two classes (six credits) of Music Theory. Graduate theory courses and seminars assume a successful demonstration of analysis and part-writing via placement test taken at the time of audition or during Orientation Week before the beginning of fall term. Students who are not able to show mastery in these areas are placed in Graduate Theory Review 1 or Graduate Theory Review 2.  Students placed in Graduate Theory Review 1 (offered Fall semester only) must successfully complete that course as well as Graduate Theory Review 2 in order to take graduate theory seminars.  Students placed in Graduate Theory Review 2 (offered Fall and Spring) must complete that course in order to take graduate theory seminars.

See the Music Theory Placement Test page for more information.

The current graduate Music Theory offerings may be found in the Academic Catalog. Students are strongly advised to talk with their major teacher about their choices of Music Theory electives.

Transfer Credits

The Music Theory Department, with sole discretion, decides if a student may apply credits earned at another institution toward the a graduate degree a the Peabody. Such a course can not have been applied to a degree earned at another institution. To request consideration, a student must petition the Chair of the Music Theory Department and provide supporting documentation, including a transcript, a description of the course, and a liberal selection of course work, including large papers and/or projects. Petitions should be made in the first semester of study.