Supported by the world-class research and clinical care of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Peabody‚Äôs Performing Arts & Health program stands at the center of best practices in research, training, clinical care, community arts, and advocacy to help people to thrive and live their best lives through creative endeavors in music and dance. Our transdisciplinary teams consist of professionals in the fields of performing arts medicine, performance science, creative arts therapies, arts in health, arts education, and performing arts, among others. 

Our mission is committed to advancing: 

Healthy, sustainable artistic practices for musicians and dancers of all levels across educational and career pathways and the lifespan 

Engagement with music and dance to build capacity for well-being and recovery in clinical and community contexts.

Peabody Performing Arts & Health Goals

  1. Elevate awareness of health in and through the arts to drive change in culture, practice, and policy
  2. Advance career pathways and roles for performing artists in health and healthcare
  3. Integrate music and movement into well-being and recovery in clinical and community contexts
  4. Implement holistic educational and performance practices for musicians and dancers to foster well-being, resilience, and peak performance
  5. Promote transdisciplinary collaboration in research, treatment, and education
  6. Create curriculum at the intersection of the performing arts and science to build skills and practices in the performing arts, education, and healthcare
  7. Develop technology and telehealth to support well-being in and through arts practices

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