The Peabody at Homewood program oversees music classes and the music minor on the Homewood campus of the Johns Hopkins University. This page can give you most of the information you may need, and the Conservatory Admissions website has some information about musical opportunities for JHU students. If you need additional information, feel free to contact the program director Dr. Suhnne Ahn at [email protected]. Please include “P@H” in the subject header.

Courses Offered

Many classes offered at Peabody’s campus may also be taken for elective credit and may be applied to the minor in music. The Director of the Peabody at Homewood program must consulted for approval of these courses toward the music minor.

Music Minor

To declare a minor, students should obtain a “Minor Declaration Form” from the Office of Academic Advising or the Registrar. The Peabody at Homewood Program Coordinator serves as the advisor for all music minors.

Music Minors are required to take:

  • Music Theory I (3 credits)
  • Musicianship I (2 credits) (Co-requisite with Theory I)
  • Music Theory II (3 credits)
  • Musicianship II (2 credits)
  • Intro to Western Classical Music (3 credits)
  • Two Musicology seminars (6 credits)
  • Two semesters of lessons or performance in an ensemble

Note that Rudiments of Music Theory is not required for the minor but may be necessary to place into Music Theory and Musicianship I.

If you have questions about the appropriateness of an ensemble for credit toward the minor, contact the Peabody at Homewood Program Coordinator.

During the spring semester of their junior year, minors are required to fill out and submit minor progress form to ensure that they will complete the coursework in time to graduate.

Lessons at Peabody

Hopkins students may take lessons at either the Peabody Conservatory or the Peabody Preparatory.

Lessons at the Peabody Conservatory, called Minor Lessons, are designed for people with significant experience on their instrument. Minor Lessons are by audition only. Contact the Homewood (or your home school) Office of Academic Advising or the Office of the Registrar and request the Peabody Conservatory Interdivisional Program – Initial Enrollment Form and an interdivisional registration form. You will be signed up for an audition at Peabody which will take place shortly before the start of classes each semester. Paperwork needs to be received by early August for lessons during the fall semester. Lessons may be a half hour or an hour. You receive one elective credit per half hour.

The Peabody Preparatory serves the broader musical community. Its students range in age from infants to senior citizens and in skill from beginners to soon-to-be-professionals. Former students include Philip Glass, Hilary Hahn, and Tori Amos. An audition is not necessary to enroll in Preparatory lessons, although one may be necessary for teacher assignment purposes. Register online or call 667-208-6640. You will also need a Cross Registration form from the Homewood (or your home school) Office of the Registrar. Paperwork should be received by mid-August for lessons during the fall semester. Lessons may be a half hour, forty-five minutes, or an hour. You do not receive elective credit for lessons at the Preparatory.

Chamber Music Program

Students are invited to participate in our chamber music program. Please contact the Program Coordinator for information on chamber groups.

Hopkins Art Groups

Hopkins Art Groups – all music ensembles count toward the performance requirement for the minor.