A collage of students at computers, sound boards, in class, and recording equipment

Music Engineering and Technology (MET) offers four focused degree paths: Computer Music (BM, MM), Music for New Media (BM), Recording Arts & Sciences (BM, MA), and Acoustics (MA).  MET develops and enhances student creativity and stimulates intellectual curiosity in musicians with an affinity for the use of technology and engineering as instruments of the composition, production, engineering, and performance of music.

Bachelors Programs              Masters Programs

Bachelors Programs

Recording Arts & Sciences

Five-year, undergraduate double-major degree program that combines an applied performance or composition major with studies in recording engineering. Classes in electrical engineering, math, science, and computer science are also taken at the Whiting School of Engineering on the Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University. A paid work study position is required of all Recording Arts students as a strong component of the practical experience through work in studio maintenance, engineering, and interacting with paying clients for sessions in the studios, as well as engineering of live performances of ensembles.

Computer Music

Four-year, undergraduate degree program that combines majors with performance or composition. This program is designed for students wishing to combine music and technology. There is a strong focus on traditional and experimental music. Studies include computer composition, computer performance and improvisation, and multimedia studies (including audio, video, dance, and graphics with music). Students have the opportunity to earn a Master of Music degree in Computer Music with one additional year of study by applying to the five-year BM/MM program during their junior year.

Music for New Media

Offered as a four-year undergraduate degree program, students in Music for New Media study the art and craft of composing music for film, TV, games, and other media. Through additional coursework in game audio implementation, mixing, sound design, music theory, instrumentation/orchestration, keyboard studies, MfN students will be prepared for a career as a media composer in addition to numerous related fields in the industry. Compositions for traditional instruments are scored through software emulation and virtual Instruments, with many opportunities to record and mix music in Peabody's world-class professional recording studios and have their music performed by the Peabody Symphony Orchestra.

Masters Programs

Recording Arts & Sciences


Two-year, graduate degree program for students pursuing a career in audio engineering. This degree blends coursework in audio engineering and acoustics with extensive practical training through live and studio recordings of classical chamber and large ensembles, large and small jazz ensembles, as well as studio sessions with rock bands. A paid work study position in Peabody's world-class professional recording studios is required of all students that adds extensive practical training beyond class assignments. The degree culminates with a capstone recording project critiqued by external professional engineers and producers.

Acoustical Studies


Two-year, graduate degree program for students pursuing a career in architectural acoustic design and consulting, acoustical product development, and audio systems design. Classes focus on architectural acoustics, noise control, acoustic measurements, modeling and professional practices, with additional coursework in electroacoustics, psychoacoustics, and audiovisual system design. Students will engage and study local performance spaces and also have the opportunity to travel abroad on a field study, to experience some of the world's premiere performance spaces. The degree culminates with a capstone practicum design project critiqued by external industry professionals and academics.

Computer Music


Two-year, graduate degree program with three focused tracks in applied PCM. Students can concentrate in conservatory-level Composition, Performance/Concert Production, and Research/Technology. This program prepares students for advanced work in areas of music where multimedia and technology connect.