Music and dance have the power to move the world.

At Peabody, whether you’re a student or fan of the arts, a neighbor or donor, an artist or partner, you’re part of an organization dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence.

If you’re enrolled at either the Peabody Conservatory or the Peabody Preparatory, our experienced and renowned faculty will lead you to personal breakthroughs in the studio, the concert hall, and the world. Our programs, innovative curriculum, and close affiliations with Johns Hopkins University, as well as other local and international organizations, create an environment where you can learn and develop as an artist.

Our mission is to educate and to enrich lives by connecting individuals to something larger. Whether you are here to play, perform, dance, or listen, you’re part of an artistic community that’s shaping the future of music. We’re glad you’re here.

The Mission of the Peabody Institute

Through comprehensive excellent education, the Peabody Institute nurtures talent and creativity; provides aspiring musicians with the skills to sustain professional careers; fosters lifelong involvement in music and dance; and prepares students in artistic performance at the highest level, providing inspiration and enlightenment to regional, national and international communities.