Music and dance have the power to inspire, transform, and heal

Welcome to Peabody, where you’re part of a community dedicated to enriching the world by shaping a more dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable future for the performing arts.

Originally established as a community cultural center, Peabody today advances a 21st-century model of the performing arts, building on its rich history of innovation and leadership. As a student here, whether you’re enrolled in the Conservatory or the Preparatory, you will embark on lifelong practices of experimenting, authentically expressing yourself, and pursuing your passion. Our world-class faculty foster a rigorous, personalized, and supportive environment and celebrate your artistic talent.

Peabody alumni, donors, neighbors in the Baltimore community and colleagues across Johns Hopkins University together with our students, faculty, and staff form a diverse community that empowers musicians and dancers to create and perform at the highest level, leads critical discourse on important ideas and issues, and advances interdisciplinary collaboration.

Your interest in Peabody underscores the importance of our mission, and we’re glad you’re here.

The Mission of the Peabody Institute

To elevate the human experience through leadership at the intersection of art and education.

Our Core Values

Learning: Rise to every challenge in continual pursuit of improving skills and aptitude
Impact: Create and lead art, culture, and community
Respect: Understand and appreciate the traditions and practices of artistry
Innovation: Break new ground in arts and education
Equity: Foster a culture of belonging that is diverse and inclusive with support to meet the needs of all
Entrepreneurship: Develop the resilience, adaptability, and skills to curate the integration of art and life