The Master of Music in Music Theory Pedagogy degree program reflects both the philosophical and practical ideals of the faculty of the Music Theory Department. The members of the music theory faculty are musicians as well as dedicated teachers whose approaches to music are dynamic and varied. Our courses focus on listening, thinking, and writing. We aspire to be mentors to our students; we strive to inspire their involvement in the teaching profession; we encourage their continuing musical growth. We are interested in ensuring that our students have opportunities to become highly qualified teachers of music theory. Today’s competitive job market favors composers and studio teachers who are also qualified to teach music theory courses.

The M.M. in Music Theory Pedagogy offers students diverse training from a full-time faculty with expertise in pedagogy, music analysis, music aesthetics, composition, ear-training, sight-singing, eurhythmics, keyboard studies, and music fundamentals. This program both complements and integrates with the high performance standards of all graduate programs at the Peabody Conservatory.

Quick Facts and Application Info

The MM/MTP is a degree program for students with a strong ability in music theory and a strong interest in teaching who are also accomplished musicians. The degree is an appropriate choice for:

  • Musicians who will teach music theory as part of their performing or composing career;
  • Musicians who are in transition from applied studies to academic studies; and
  • Composers and Theorists seeking careers in academia.

Prerequisites for admission include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in music;
  • 18 credit hours in undergraduate music theory, including the study of form & analysis and tonal counterpoint. A semester of orchestration is highly recommended; and
  • Experience teaching or tutoring music.

An interview will be required at which students will be asked to analyze music and speak about their interest in music theory pedagogy and demonstrate piano and ear-training skills. All students must take the Graduate Assistant and Doctor of Musical Arts Music Theory Placement Exam (GADMA).