The Peabody Institute has a long history of excellence in training musicians for performance and teaching careers as well as arts leadership at the highest levels. Now, Peabody Online envisions new possibilities for the arts in the 21st century and creates access to world-class training to meet new realities, challenges, and opportunities.

Whether you are aspiring to a career in the performing arts, seeking to develop new career skills, or curious about the history and practice of the performing arts for personal enrichment, Peabody Online offers courses for you.

Self-Paced and Instructor-Led Courses

To meet the needs of adult and student learners both within the performing arts field and outside of it, Peabody Online offers both semester-long, instructor-led courses and shorter, self-paced courses available in an on-demand, non-credit format. Some courses are available for credit through the Peabody Conservatory.


Coming soon: courses in playing health, career development, citizen artistry, and music theory!

Injury Prevention Training for Instrumentalists

The online curriculum Playing Well introduces a range of occupational health issues specific to the needs of instrumental musicians and provides practical, scientifically grounded approaches to peak performance. It covers topics including anatomy and principles of movement; common performance-related injuries and their treatments; rehabilitation and prevention strategies; and mental fitness and peak performance. This series of courses (available in both self-paced and instructor-led versions) provides musicians with “operating instructions” for their own bodies, introduces core principles of wellness and injury prevention, and fosters the development of awareness and self-study for lifelong performance health.

Self-PacedInstructor-Led, Non-CreditInstructor-Led, For-Credit
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Credits can Transfer

Professional Development for Performing Artists

Today’s artists acknowledge that excellence in performance no longer suffices; they need to be resilient, innovative, and intellectually curious, as well as effective advocates for the arts in their communities. Traditional and non-traditional arts organizations now increasingly expect their artists to be fluent communicators, teaching artists, programmers, and producers, skilled in community engagement in alternative venues with new and different audiences. Peabody Online offers musicians and dancers access to skills and information necessary to succeed in today’s arts environments, including training in:

  • communication on and off the stage
  • community collaborations
  • interactive performances for children and adults
  • self-promotion, marketing, and fundamental career skills
  • cultivating your own audience
  • booking, programming, and producing in non-traditional venues
  • arts entrepreneurship
  • advocacy and citizen artistry

Check back for announcements about the availability of Peabody’s Professional Development coursework.

Music Education for Teens and Adults

Peabody Online provides musicianship training for teen and adult students in beginning-advanced music theory, ear training, and music history. Check soon for information about AP Music Theory.