As a student at Peabody, you’re located at one of the most important intersections of Baltimore’s thriving artistic, educational, and cultural communities. Your education takes place against a backdrop of beautiful historic buildings on a modern, comfortable campus.

In the classroom, you’re among peers who are driven and diverse—people who love the arts as much as you do. But your Peabody experience doesn’t just take place in studios and classrooms. The city and campus offer places and experiences to connect, to learn, and to expand your horizons.

On campus, concerts, recitals, and master classes are almost daily occurrences. You can join a club—or start one of your own—to explore other interests. Sign up for a group outing to enjoy a ballgame at Camden Yards or enjoy some of our residential programming. Start an ensemble or apply for a grant to pursue your great ideas for research projects or innovative programming. Volunteer as a Peabody ambassador or just simply enjoy the company of friends over a coffee at Maestro’s or in the sunny plaza.

Our affiliation with Johns Hopkins University provides a wide range of other academic, social, and recreational experiences. The city of Baltimore is a place full of history, inspiration, and performance opportunities. It’s also close to other major national cultural hubs like Washington D.C. and New York City.

Peabody is a place to connect, interact, and develop your skills. It’s the perfect place to continue your passions and fulfill your visions for a future in the arts.