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The Business of Music Minor at Peabody provides undergraduate students with an understanding of the structures within the music industry and equips them to pursue careers as entrepreneurial musicians, arts administrators, and industry professionals.

After completing an introductory Business of Music course, students take a customized curriculum with electives in three study areas: Accounting or Business Studies; Non-Profit/Arts Administration; and Communication/Marketing. Students may choose one additional elective from these study areas or an alternative course approved by the faculty. The electives may be taken at the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE), the Carey Business School, or the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Students complete the minor with a capstone project.

Although students may begin taking coursework for a minor at their discretion, they may complete the paperwork to declare a minor only after successfully playing a 209 jury. Any minor must be declared before the start of a student’s last semester of study. Once the paperwork is completed in the Office of Academic Affairs, the Associate Dean will evaluate the student’s requirements and consult with the Director of the Music Entrepreneurship and Career Center as well as pertinent faculty members before making a final decision whether to approve the minor course of study.

Interested students should contact the Office of Academic Affairs to obtain an application.

Business of Music Minor Curriculum: 14 Credits

  • Activate: Strategic Career Preparation (Formerly: Business of Music PY.360.421) (2 cr.)
  • Accounting or Business Elective (3 cr.)
    • Financial Accounting at WSE (EN.660.203)
    • Financial Accounting at Carey (BU.210.410)
    • Introduction to Business at WSE (EN.660.105)
  • Arts Administration/Orchestra Management (PY.123.415 (2 cr.)
  • An Elective in Communication or Marketing (3 cr.)
    • Professional Communication WSE (EN.661.110)
    • Principles of Marketing at WSE (EN.660.250)
  • Career Related Elective (3 cr.)
    • Music and Law (PY.123.412)
    • Communicating / Web at WSE (EN.661.453)
  • Practicum/Project (1 cr.)

Note that some credits may fulfill multiple requirements. Successful completion of a minor does not appear on a diploma but will appear on a transcript.