Academic Calendar

A calendar of important dates for the academic year.

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs serves the academic and musical mission of the Peabody Institute by administering the curricula of the Conservatory’s degree programs. Academic Affairs regulates academic requirements, performance requirements and the integrity of our curricular offerings.

Academic Advising

Peabody Advising provides students with numerous resources to support their educational journeys. It partners with students to shape their academic experiences through on-going conversations about learning opportunities and challenges, curricular choices, advancement through academic programs, administrative policies and procedures, identification and utilization of resources, time management and study skills, and personal and educational goals.

Conservatory Registrar

The Conservatory Registrar’s office provides the following services: Student Records, Course and Room Scheduling, FERPA Information, Enrollment Verifications, Registration, Transcripts, Graduation Petitions, and Veterans Benefits Certifications

Concert Office

The Concert Office is responsible for managing all activities associated with the Institute’s private and public performances and oversees all requirements for concerts, recitals and competitions.

Ensemble Office

The Ensemble Office manages the personnel, rehearsal, and performance activities of many of the Conservatory’s instrumental and vocal ensembles; administers the graduate orchestral conducting program; provides instrument loans and rentals to ensemble participants and music education students; and maintains the Ensemble Library.

Learning Innovation

The Learning Innovation team at Peabody promotes and supports learning innovation across the Peabody Institute by helping our students to learn more efficiently and effectively; providing faculty support and development opportunities; and helping Peabody to reach a wider learner community.