The study and performance of chamber music is an essential part of every student’s artistic development at Peabody. Collaborating with others in the interpretive process sparks the imagination which expands our sense of articulation, character and color, and inspires us to recreate a work in a more meaningful way. The vast and infinitely rich repertoire of chamber music allows students to participate in groups of widely varied instrumentation from the baroque period to the music of today.

All groups receive individual coaching, perform each semester, and have the opportunity to participate in chamber music seminars and master classes given by Peabody faculty and visiting artists. The chamber music faculty is drawn from departments throughout the Conservatory reflecting Peabody’s commitment to chamber music as an experience which will have a profound impact on every student’s musical life.

For any questions about Chamber Music at Peabody, please email Annie Fullard.

Current students:  For more information about how to sign up for chamber music, navigate to “Current Students” on the right of this page.

Departmental Mission Statement

The Peabody Chamber Music Department strives to give every Peabody student the skills they need in order to make music effectively with other people- including those of deep listening; dynamic interaction; thoughtful, imaginative and informed interpretation; and strategies for concert preparation- as well as providing meaningful performance opportunities and exposing each student to the widest possible range of the vast chamber music repertoire.