At Peabody, you’ll learn what it means to be a modern artist, ready to take your place in the world and shape the future with art.

Our world-class faculty and resources provide the support and tools you need to develop and hone your talents. Beyond proficiency, a Peabody education will expand what you think is possible in the arts.

You’ll join a highly-driven and passionate community, where healthy competition—competition with compassion, whose goals are collegial—is a source of exceptional growth.

You’ll learn to be a skilled communicator and a tech-savvy critical thinker, attuned to your audiences. You’ll know how to recognize and create new opportunities. Practical courses in communications, entrepreneurship, and musicianship allow you to take success from the Conservatory into the real world.

Our affiliation with Johns Hopkins University (including a dual degree program) and partnerships across Baltimore’s unique and thriving artistic environment (including the Baltimore Symphony) allow you to connect with a larger local and international arts community.

The world is waiting for musicians and dancers like you. At Peabody, we give you the skills to succeed wherever your passion takes you.

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