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The Ensemble Office manages the personnel, rehearsal, and performance activities of many of the Conservatory’s instrumental and vocal¬†ensembles. This office also administers the graduate orchestral¬†conducting program, provides¬†instrument rentals¬†to students, and maintains the Ensemble Library.¬†The Ensemble Library is a non-circulating collection. The staff also coordinates the fall placement audition process by which students are assigned to their required large ensembles.

Fall 2020

All Instrumental and Vocal Ensembles will take place remotely through performance-based projects rooted in technology.

The Ensemble Office does not manage the Conservatory’s historical performance ensembles, which include the Peabody Renaissance Ensemble, directed by Mark Cudek, and the Baltimore Baroque Band, directed by John Moran and Risa Browder. Questions regarding those ensembles should be referred to their individual directors. Questions regarding the chamber music program should be directed to Michael Kannen.

The Ensemble Office does NOT handle requests from the public on hiring musicians or chamber groups for private functions. Please direct these requests to the LAUNCHPad.

Participation in instrumental or vocal ensembles is a major feature of degree and diploma study at Peabody, providing an experience that is essential to one’s professional training. Please consult the Conservatory Catalog for the specific ensemble requirements of your degree program. Students wishing to take ensembles at times other than those specified should petition the Ensemble Program Manager, Melina Gajger, for permission to do so. Permission will generally only be granted in situations where irresolvable schedule conflicts prevent a student from taking a large ensemble during the specified semester.

For Fall 2020, Peabody’s Rotating Instrumental Ensembles  are combined into a single course called Ensemble, a 2 credit per semester course.  Students are automatically enrolled in the course and will be issued a single letter grade each semester, reflecting participation and achievement.

Ensemble policies and requirements can be found in the syllabus.  Students are required to familiarize themselves with, and adhere to these policies. Please note that new policies have been developed in accordance with Fall 2020 remote instruction. Please be aware these plans are subject change.

The Ensemble Office is happy to provide support to all students. Students are welcome to visit the Ensemble Office to voice questions or concerns.

Melina Gajger – Ensemble Program Manager
Phone: 667-208-6629

Harry Oehler – Ensemble Coordinator
Phone: 667-208-6632

Caleb Bradley РEnsemble Librarian
Phone: 667-208-6628

Arcade, Level M1, Room B06C
Ensemble Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM