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Arcade, Level M1, Room B06C

The Ensemble Office manages the personnel, rehearsal, and performance activities of many of the Conservatory’s instrumental and vocal¬†ensembles; administers the graduate orchestral¬†conducting program; provides¬†instrument loans and rentals¬†to ensemble participants and¬†music education students; and maintains the Ensemble Library, supervising the distribution of library materials in support of ensemble activities,¬†opera¬†productions, and conducting recitals. The Ensemble Library is a non-circulating collection. The staff also coordinates the fall placement audition process by which students are assigned to their required large ensembles.

Ensembles currently managed by the Ensemble Office include the Peabody Symphony Orchestra, Peabody Chamber Orchestra, Peabody Modern Orchestra, Peabody Opera Theatre Orchestra, Peabody Studio Orchestra, Peabody Wind Ensemble, Peabody-Hopkins Chorus, Peabody Singers, Peabody Jazz Ensemble, and Conductors Orchestra. Peabody’s ensembles are designed to acquaint the entire student body, as well as the participating students and the general public, with the rich and varied literature of many musical genres. They provide participants with the means, through rigorous rehearsals and frequent public performances, of developing their musical skills to a high level of artistic competence, and also represent a considerable and significant portion of Peabody’s contribution to the cultural life of the surrounding community.

The Ensemble Office does not manage the Conservatory‚Äôs historical performance¬†ensembles, which include the¬†Peabody Renaissance Ensemble, directed by Mark Cudek, and the¬†Baltimore Baroque Band, directed by John Moran and Risa Browder. Nor does the Ensemble Office manage Peabody’s newest contemporary ensemble,¬†Now Hear This, which is directed by Courtney Orlando and David Smooke. Questions regarding those ensembles should be referred to their individual directors. Questions regarding the chamber music program should be directed to Michael Kannen.

The Ensemble Office does NOT handle requests from the public on hiring musicians or chamber groups for private functions. Please direct these requests to the LAUNCHPad.

Ensemble Office Internship

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume (with references) to