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Start your application!

At Peabody, you’ll join a community of musicians and dancers who are passionate and talented—who are defining and shaping what it means to be a 21st century artist. Here, the future isn’t an abstract concept. It’s the result of practice and opportunity, and of talented people just like you dedicating themselves to furthering their craft. And it begins with your application.

An important part of the application process is your audition. It’s your chance to represent and express yourself as an artist. We want to see you in action. For more details, see our Auditions page.

A distinguished faculty, innovative curriculum, and extensive resources make a Peabody education world-class, but our students are what makes it unique. We invite you to take your first step and start your application. Browse our programs, majors, and faculty pages or begin the process now.

New for Fall 2018: Early Decision

Starting with our Fall 2018 application, prospective undergraduate students will now be able to apply early decision to Peabody as well as JHU! For more information about your program's eligibility, click the link below!

Want more information? Click the link below!

Instruments & Areas of Study

Degrees offered at the Peabody Institute