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Major: (Minimum Semester Hours) 18
550.611 Music and Technology 3
550.612 Audio Science and Technology 3
550.511-512 Advanced Recording Systems 3-3
550.513-514 Advanced Recording II 3-3
Core Course Work: 20
Music Theory 3-3
550.515 Musical Acoustics 3
550.517 Psychoacoustics 3
550.516 Electroacoustics 4
550.623 Physical Acoustics 4 __

Additional Coursework in Electrical Engineering , Electronics Design and Development, Audio and Video Media Systems and other courses offered throughout the University maybe taken by students in all three tracks if credit load, time and scheduling permit.

The Master of Arts program in Audio Sciences (Recording and Production Concentration) is intended both for current audio professionals wishing to obtain a post-baccalaureate credential and for individuals with a background in science, technology and music seeking additional training in order to work at an advanced level in the audio engineering field.  Training is both classroom-based lecture (in audio engineering and technology, consumer electronics, music production, and acoustics) and practical hands-on experience in studio session recording and live concert recording.

Over 800 live events are recorded annually at the Peabody Institute by students in the program.  Classical ensembles range in size from chamber to orchestral  and fully-staged opera,  and Jazz from combos to full  traditional Jazz orchestra and Latin ensemble.

Sessions, including commercial releases, are frequently on our schedule, all of which are engineered or assisted on by students.  Recent projects include mixing by faculty member Ed Tetreault of a Latin Grammy-winning recording by Peabody faculty member Manuel Barueco, and CDs with the Peabody Wind Ensemble for release on the Naxos label, among many others.

The microphones, mic preamps, consoles, workstations, signal procesors and monitors rival those of the top recording studios in the world.  Our four control rooms are each connected to large performance venues that are used both for session and live recording.  Studio A has a dedicated live room with a Steinway D Concert Grand Piano, a Yamaha drum set and an assortment of amplifiers.  For a full description of our studios, click on Facilities and Equipment.