Our Equipment

Students in the MFN programs have access to a world class lab, outfitted with high end workstations loaded with a wide variety of the software they will encounter in their careers.


12 Student Workstations

All Have:

  • Roland MIDI Controllers and Audio Interface
  • Logic Pro
  • Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate (12 or 13)
  • Musio
  • Cinematic Studio Series: Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, and Solo Strings
  • Selections from East West Composer Cloud

Some Have:

  • BBCSO Core and other Spitfire Libraries
  • Cubase
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • Omnisphere
  • Aaron Venture Infinite Woodwinds and Brass
  • iLoud MTM Monitors

Instructor WorkStation

  • iMac with 9.1.6 Atmos System
  • Roland FP90 Digital Piano
  • Dante Audio through JBL monitors
  • All of the libraries included on students workstations, plus additional libraries from ProjectSAM, Vienna Instruments, Heavyocity, 8DIO, Cinesamples, UVI, Spitfire, Audiobro, and Orchestral Tools.


Student Workstation

  • Roland FP10 and Novation LaunchKey 61 MIDI controllers
  • Kali IN-5 3-way monitors
  • Adam Audio subwoofer
  • Logic Pro and Cubase
  • Native Instruments Komplete 13
  • Cinematic Studio Series: Strings, Solo Strings, Woodwinds, and Brass
  • Musio
  • Selections from East West Composer Cloud
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • Omnisphere
  • BBCSO Core

Technology Requirements


As an MFN major, your laptop will be your primary instrument. There are high-end Mac Studios and Mac-Minis loaded with a variety of software and sounds in our main classroom, 303c, that you can also use when the room is available.

All MFN 1-2 assignments are done in Apple Logic Pro. You will receive a complimentary monthly subscription to Musio which has a large collection of downloadable sounds, samples, and synths.

Below are our recommendations for your personal laptop. They are available to purchase from the Johns Hopkins Tech Store, and can arrive pre-loaded with Apple Logic software. (The Tech Store also offers an enhanced repair/replacement service instead of AppleCare.) Of course, if you already have a Mac that meets the minimum requirements, or wish to save money by looking for a second-hand one, you are quite welcome.

These are the configurations that we are recommending:

  • Recommended 16-inch: 16‑inch MacBook Pro Apple M2 Pro 32GB unified memory 1TB SSD storage
  • Recommended 14-inch: 14‑inch MacBook Pro Apple M2 Pro 32GB unified memory 1TB SSD storage
  • Maximalist: 16‑inch MacBook Pro Apple M2 Max 64GB unified memory 2TB SSD storage
  • Minimalist 14-inch: 14-inch MacBook Pro Apple M2 Pro 16GB unified memory 512GB SSD storage
  • Minimalist 13-inch: 13‑inch MacBook Pro Apple M2 24GB unified memory 512GB SSD storage

You can purchase these on your own if you would like to save money by buying used.

The minimal specs are: 

  • Laptop: Macbook Pro Model:Late 2016 or Later ****(must have Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • CPU: 4 Core Intel i5 or M1/M2
  • RAM:16GB (32GB strongly recommended)
  • Storage:512 GB of storage (you will need to purchase an external SSD)

Peripheral Items

Over-Ear Headphones

Open Back

✅ Reduced ear fatigue when used for longer periods of time
🚫 Sound leakage, which may be audible to others in quiet environments or cause bleed if recording instruments
🚫 Overall more expensive

Closed Back

✅ Sound isolation – no sound leakage and reduces outside noise
🚫 Can cause fatigue when used for long periods of time.
🚫 Can be less accurate for mixing.

MIDI Controller

You will use the MIDI controllers in the lab, but should plan on having something that you can use at home.

Min. requirements

  • At least 48 keys (you may need 61 keys for keyboard studies coursework)
  • Modwheel and faders