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The following guidelines will be used for pre-screening Music for New Media candidates:

  • Basic understanding of music and application of musical skills.
  • Enthusiasm for film and game music, and the ability to differentiate the field from pop and electronic music.
  • Able to discuss varying emotional states in dramatic situations.

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  • Have a basic knowledge of music notation and the rudiments of music theory
  • Possess a working knowledge of any MIDI sequencer and/or Digital Audio Workstation application (we teach with Logic Pro X and ProTools)
  • Show strong academic achievement as demonstrated through GPA

Application Materials

  • Submit a portfolio of at least five original works, demonstrating creativity and an understanding of the fundamentals of composing music with traditional software instruments. You may submit as many pieces as you like, but be sure to include at least three pieces that are not “beat-driven” or loop-based; these should be instrumental pieces, and can range from ambient synth beds, to solo piano, to full orchestrations; they should be designed to set a mood or enhance drama and emotions, as appropriate for film, TV or game soundtracks. They can be audio or video files (.WAV, .MOV, .MP3, etc.) of any length – even a 16-bar piece is admissible if it demonstrates melody, phrasing, harmony, instrumentation, and mood. It is acceptable to include “rescores” i.e. video clips from Hollywood shows or games, substituting the original soundtrack with your own music.
  • Include detailed documentation about the compositional process, technical specifications, and creative goals for each of your portfolio pieces
  • Write an essay describing your background and how it led to interest in Music for New Media. Include a description of your career ambitions upon graduating with the degree.
  • Attend a 20-minute interview via video conference, during which you will be required to break down and analyze one or more of your compositions, as well as demonstrating at least elementary piano/keyboard skills.