Peabody students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Music degree with a Liberal Arts minor must complete six courses at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences on the Homewood campus with at least three at the 200 level or higher. At least one of the courses must be a writing-intensive course, with the designation “(w)” in the Homewood course listing. Introductory language courses and music courses may not be used for the minor.

Liberal Arts Minor

Three courses
Excludes introductory language
One Writing-Intensive Course
Three courses at or above the 200 level 9
While students may begin taking coursework for a minor at their discretion, students may complete the paperwork to declare a minor only after successfully playing a 209 jury. Any minor must be declared before the start of a student’s last semester of study. Once the paperwork is completed in the Office of Academic Affairs, the Associate Dean will evaluate the student’s requirements and consult with pertinent faculty members before making a final decision to approve the minor course of study.
Some credits may fulfill multiple requirements. Successful completion of a minor does not appear on a diploma but will appear on a transcript.
To apply for a minor, complete the application form and email or deliver it to the Office of Academic Affairs.

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