Liberal Arts Courses at Homewood

Peabody students can enroll in classes at Homewood. The main challenge is finding courses of interest that will fit into your schedule.

The Homewood catalog is posted on line at

Once you identify a Homewood course (or courses) in which you hope to enroll, you must obtain the appropriate form to register (yellow forms are used for classes in the school of Arts and Sciences); this form must be completed and signed by Peabody’s Registrar or a member of his staff. The Peabody Registrar will then submit the form to Homewood (unless you prefer to deliver it to the Homewood Registrar’s Office yourself). If you have any questions about the process, please contact our Registrar’s Office.

Some Homewood courses are especially popular: if you find yourself on a waiting list, show up at the first class and discuss your situation with the professor, this often works!

Pointers below should help you to navigate the above website. As you browse the listings in the School of Arts and Sciences, the “Course Schedule Information” can help; basic guidelines gleaned from this information follow:

  1. The course number includes both a departmental indicator and a course indicator. The number preceding the decimal identifies the department offering the course.The number following the decimal identifies the specific course. In general, Peabody students can only enroll in courses designated by a 100-299 number after the decimal. These are lower division undergraduate courses. In some cases it may be possible to enroll in a 300-499 course (upper division undergraduate), but only as an exception. Courses designated by 500 and above are for advanced independent study and graduate work–only possible for a Peabody undergrad in a most exceptional circumstance.
  2. The code letter in parenthesis following each 100-549 course number identifies the broad area of study for the fulfillment of undergraduate distribution requirements at Homewood. Writing intensive courses are designated by (W). Peabody students can fulfill their writing requirement with these courses.
  3. The course title is given in every case, but course descriptions are included only for courses not shown in the current catalog. Please see the on-line catalog for the full description of other courses.
  4. The number in parentheses after each 100-549 course title indicated the undergraduate course credit for the term.
  5. The instructor is indicated in italics following the course title and credits.
  6. Prerequisites are usually listed in the schedule. It is best however, to check the catalog for a more complete statement of any prerequisite requirements.
  7. Meeting times are indicated whenever they are known. All classes meet for 50 minutes unless otherwise stated. TBA means the time of the course will be announced later. If the time does not, please check with the department before classes start.
  8. Peabody students should be aware that some classes include separate lecture and discussion sections on different days of the week. Be prepared to add at least a half hour on either end to commute to and from Peabody.