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Each applicant’s portfolio will be prescreened by faculty during the month of December. These evaluations assess the potential of the applicant to succeed at Peabody. Applicants who pass this review will receive an invitation to proceed to the formal admissions interview conducted by department faculty.

Learn more about Pre-Screening

Audition Materials

Bachelor of Music

  • The first attribute the Computer Music Department looks for is native musical ability. This may be demonstrated through performing or a portfolio of some of the applicants’ previously written compositions–in any style.
  • The second step is to present their work to a faculty panel. Applicants will also take some placement tests in music theory, sight singing, and computer music. These tests do not influence acceptance, but would help to place the student in the proper classes, if he or she does attend.
  • Applicants may apply to two departments, if they so desire.

Master of Music

  • Upload an essay about why you have decided to pursue a degree from the Computer Music program. Three tracks are available in Computer Music, each with slightly differing application requirements. The following instructions are for specific tracks.:
    • Composition Track: Upload a portfolio and a recording of mature works for various media. The portfolio should include some works involving computer music.
    • Performance Track: Your performance skills will be auditioned by the Computer Music faculty. Please prepare material to perform a full solo recital including some works involving computer music.
    • Research/Technology Track: Upload a project report or research paper demonstrating knowledge and experience in the area of music-related research or technology you intend to pursue.
  • Applicants for the Low-Residency Master of Music program should upload their essay and required portfolio, recital, or research paper as outlined above with their application by December 1.