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Seminar meets in Peabody Conservatory Studio 314 at 6pm.
• Guests: to reserve space please RSVP to

Fall 2018

Wednesday, September 05th:
• Yian Hwang: Tracings

Wednesday, September 12th:
• Erik Fredriksen: Replicating Groove in Digital Media

Wednesday, September 19th:
• Scott Li:Hip Hop and Electronic Music Production

Wednesday, September 26th:
• CK Barlow: High Zero Collective

Wednesday, October 03rd:
• Samuel Hoch:

Wednesday, October 10th:
• Erik Fredriksen: Practical Applications of Touch OSC, Max MSP and Ableton Live

Wednesday, October 17th:
• Rob Neubouer: Plugins in Performance

Wednesday, October 31th:
• Tiantian Wang: Multi-media works

Wednesday, November 07th:
• Anthony Pena: Samplers and Synthesizer; Alex Hagopian: Writing Music Productively

Wednesday, November 14th:
• Pedro Rivera: TBD

Wednesday, November 28th:
VIBES: Noir (Concert @ Center Street Performance Studio)

Wednesday, December 05th:
• Norvin Tu-Wang: Film Scoring in 2018

Past Seminars

Spring 2018

Wednesday, January 24th:
• Erik Fredriksen: Eurhythmics and Electronics: Performing on New Instruments with Musical Movement

Wednesday, January 31st:
 • Alex Hagopian: My Composition and Realizations

Wednesday, February 7th:
 • Anthony Pena: An update: Packaging, Publishing and Process

Wednesday, February 14th:
• Bei Yan: The binding of Chinese traditional music and computer music

Wednesday, February 28th:
• Griffin Cohen (Guest Speaker)

Wednesday, March 7th:
• Pedro Rivera: Physical Modelling Synthesis

Wednesday, March 14th:
• Xiaogang Xiang: My Music and Chinese Music
• Yichang Liu: Audio and Video

Wednesday, March 28th:

Wednesday, April 4th:
• Scott Li: Hip-hop and Electronic Beat-Making

Wednesday, April 11th:
• Lena Billos: House Music
• Norvin Tu-Wang: Filter Code

Wednesday, April 18th:
•Dr. Du (Guest Speaker)

Wednesday, April 25th:
• Anthony Staiti: My Compositions and Electro-Acoustic Techniques

Wednesday, May 2nd:
• Alex Ringo: VR Experimentation
• Sunglae Park

Fall 2017

Wednesday, September 14th:
• Yian Hwang: Tracings – BCI and Music Composition

Wednesday, September 20th:
• Alex Ringo: Games as Art

Wednesday, October 11th:
• Special Guest: Nina C. Young

Wednesday, October 18th:
• Scott Li: Presenting the OP-1

Wednesday, October 25th:
• Norvin Tu-wang: My New Pieces

Wednesday, November 1st:
Ian Clarke: An Introduction to Computer Assisted Composition with Bach and its Associated Libraries

Wednesday, November 8th:
Sam Torres: FFT and Spectral Processing in Live Performance

Wednesday, November 15th:
Pedro Rivera: Interactive Music Systems

Wednesday, November 29th:
• Sam Hoch: How Blockchain Can Change the Music Industry

Wednesday, December 6th:
Sunglae Park: Why Visual and Audio?

Spring 2017

Wednesday, January 18
• Josh Armenta: OpenMusic

Wednesday, January 25
• Kate Wagner: Breadboard Synthesizers

Wednesday, February 1
• Sam Torres: The Hardware and Software Behind Sax+Electronics

Wednesday, February 8
• Norvin Tuwang, Scott Li: Kyma, Modern Pop Music Production in FL Studio

Wednesday, February 15
• Pedro Rivera: Physical Modelling Synthesis

Wednesday, March 1
• Eric Kantor, Chris Lock: The Surprising Stylistic Convergence Between Academia and Bohemia

Wednesday, March 8
• Sam Hoch, Alex Ringo

Wednesday, March 15
• Special Guest: Scott Metcalfe: Creating Sounds from Scratch: A Practical Guide to Music Synthesis for Producers and Composers

Wednesday, March 29
• Special Guest: Laurie Amat, vocalist and improviser

Wednesday, April 5
• Matthew Sullivan: Experimenting with Musical Interfaces

Wednesday, April 12
• Special Guest: Todd Reynolds, violinist

Wednesday, April 19
• Alex Wang: Composing with Modular Synthesizers

Wednesday, April 26
• Edwin Huet: Navigating & Reconciling an Influx of Tools, Methodologies, & Influences

Wednesday, May 3
• Special Guest: Kate Stone, CEO of Novalia

Fall 2016

Wednesday, September 21
• Matthew Sullivan: Stickin It To The Man

Wednesday, September 28
• Ian Clarke: Bringing Emotional Depth to Calculated Data

Wednesday, October 5
• Anthony Pena: Building an Interactive Sound Installation

Wednesday, October 12
• Eric Alan Kantor: Granular Synthesis as Counterpoint

Wednesday, October 19
• Tuo Wang: Interaction of Electronics and Acoustic Instruments

Wednesday, October 26
• Weilu Ge: Shadow of Sound

Wednesday, November 2
• Alexander Ringo: Virtual Reality as a Medium for Art

Wednesday, November 9
• Yian Hwang: Composing Computer Music with Instruments

Wednesday, November 16
• Samuel Hoch: Phenomena as Compositional Material

Wednesday, November 30

Wednesday, December 7

Spring 2016

Wednesday, January 20
• Ian Clarke: Something Dirty: Postmodernism, Montage, and Replay Value in Electronic Performance Art

Wednesday, January 27
• Matthew Sullivan: Composing for Acoustic Instruments and Pacing Composition

Wednesday, February 3
• Anthony Pena: Projections; Visual Augmentation by Computers

Wednesday, February 10
• Guest Lecture: Mason Bates, Composer (Centre Street Performance Space)

Wednesday, February 17
• No Seminar — Audition Week

Wednesday, February 24
• Alex Ringo: Virtual Reality as a Medium for Art and Entertainment

Wednesday, March 2
• Guest Lecture: Michael Musick

Wednesday, March 9
• Yian Hwang

Wednesday, March  16
• No Seminar — Spring Break

Wednesday, March 23
• Guest Lecture: Ben Casey, Ableton Certified Trainer

Wednesday, March 30
• No Seminar

Wednesday, April 6
• Chloe Leung & Weilu Ge: Presentations on their Music and Compositional Methods

Wednesday, April 13
• Alex Ringo: Virtual Reality as a Medium for Art and Entertainment

Wednesday, April 20
• Tuo Wang: Compositional Process with Electronics and Sound Samples

Wednesday, April 27
• Eric Kantor: Abstracting Electronic Composition

Spring 2015

Wednesday, January 21

• Ryan Woodward: Folk Music Influence in Computer Music

Wednesday, January 28
• Chloe Liang: Chloe – Music – Life
• Haijiao Yu: My Music and Experiences

Wednesday, February 4
• Guest Speaker Stephen Gorbos: Composer, Faculty at Catholic University of America

Wednesday, February 11
• Ivan Voinov:  Creative Mixing–Folk Rock

Wednesday, February 18
• No Seminar — Audition Week

Wednesday, February 25
• Robby Neubauer:  Interactive Music Geometry
• Xiao Liang

Wednesday, March 4
• Guest Speaker Patrick Long:  Composer,  Faculty at Susquehanna University

Wednesday, March 11
• Presenter TBA

Wednesday, March  18
• No Seminar — Spring Break

Wednesday, March 25
• Ruiyuan Liu: Electronic Sounds for Musical Expression
• Edwin Huet: Electroacoustic Improvisation

Wednesday, April 1
• Sunglae Park: My Journey in Music and SEAMUS
• Yifan Gao: Dimension

Wednesday, April 8
• Presenter TBA

Wednesday, April 15
• Presenter TBA

Wednesday, April 22
• Sean Kaesler: Audience Interaction

Wednesday, April 29
• Josh Armenta: Human-Computer Interactions in the Studio Environment

Fall 2014

Wednesday, September 10
Jeff Carey – Guest Performer from High Zero 2014
“Hardcore digital noise music with a joystick, a gamer keypad, and an array of strobe lights.”

Wednesday, September 17
Mcgregor Boyle – “Computer Music Compositions”

Wednesday, September 24
Joshua Armenta – “Harnessing the Power of Failure”

Wednesday, October 1
Geoffrey Wright – “Making Presentations in Peabody Computer Music Seminar”
Virtual, asynchronous presentation.

Wednesday, October 1
Justin Porter and Edwin Huet –
“International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2014): Report 1–The Event”

Wednesday, October 8
Justin Porter and Edwin Huet –
“International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2014): Report 2–The Music”

Wednesday, October 15
Mayor’s Cultural Town Meeting (6:30 P.M.) – Maryland Historical Society

Wednesday, October 22
Eric Kantor – “Modern Modular Synthesizers”

Wednesday, October 29
Robby Neubauer – “Spooky Beats”

Wednesday, November 5
Joo Won Park – “Guest Lecturer: Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin Conservatory”

Wednesday, November 12
Francesca D’Uva – “Associations in Sound”

Wednesday, November 19
Sean Kaesler – “My Journey”

Wednesday, December 3
李婉菁 Sandra Wuan-Chin Li – Guest Alumna Lecture
“Handmade Concert/Conference collaboration with
牯嶺街小劇場 Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipai, Taiwan”

Wednesday, December 10
Matthew Sullivan – “The Estranged Former Love of American Music”