The educational philosophy of the Preparatory String Department is rooted in the belief that young musicians can best develop their artistic potential in a supportive, non-judgmental and motivating musical environment. We are committed to helping our students develop a solid technical and musical foundation at every level as they develop the discipline and love for music. We provide comprehensive training for gifted young artists preparing for a career in music as well as offering lessons to those for whom music enriches their main pursuits. We aim to support each child’s unique path and our hope is that all our students will derive meaning from their relationship with music throughout their lives.

All students, regardless of age or level, are expected to show a commitment to their studies by practicing daily at home, attending concerts, and participating in ensembles or classes as recommended by their teachers. Those who fully participate in the musical offerings at Peabody will reap the rewards of this rich learning community.

Lessons and Classes

Learn more about individual instruction, group classes, the Young People's String Program, Performance Academy, and the Pre-Conservatory Violin Program.

Young People's String Program

Beginners through Early Intermediate level students receive a solid foundation and inspiring environment by attending individual instruction and a group class each week.

Performance Academy for Strings

The Academy offers individual instruction, small and large ensembles, performance opportunities, master classes, enrichment activities, rehearsal time with a designated pianist, special events, and career guidance and feedback for students in grades 7-12 playing at the upper intermediate and advanced levels.

Pre-Conservatory Violin Program

PCVP supports and challenges the most advanced, serious, and gifted violinists at the Preparatory. Young artists in this program play at the advanced level and display the artistic potential to pursue a performance career in music.

String Faculty

String students at Peabody benefit not only from the quality of their private instruction, but also from their exposure to many faculty and guest artists in a variety of classes, ensembles and special events. The interaction of our outstanding faculty in developing a creative, dynamic, and supportive learning environment provides a unique setting for all our students.

Department Faculty

Our Preparatory String faculty offer individual instruction, teach group classes, and direct small and large ensembles for violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

Janet Melnicoff-BrownMs. Melnicoff-Brown’s influence in our department runs deep, as over the years she has served as the former YPSP Director, founder and Director of Camp Allegro (now Allegro Strings), and founder and Coordinator of the Playing Partners Program, which brought OrchKids students on campus for a preliminary experience at Peabody. It was her leadership that inspired and informed our ability to develop our Tuned-In string program, and her work in collaborating both with Peabody and the OrchKids, Twigs, and Bridges Programs in Baltimore helped guide us in our path to becoming a more diverse environment, which has benefited us all.

The faculty and staff will miss her warmth and understanding as teacher. She has the unique ability to understand the learning path for each child and adapt creatively to each individual. We are so thankful for the years she has given here, where she has mentored and influenced so many. She assures us that we will see her at some Prep Strings concerts in the future. Please enjoy some appreciations from colleagues and former students!

Rebecca Henry, Co-Chair, String Department