String Pedagogy Hot Topics and Practicum

Rebecca Henry (violin/viola), Coordinator and Instructor
Andréa Picard Boecker (violin/viola) and Daniel Levitov (cello), Instructors

Online via Zoom
A recording link will be sent to all participants within 3 days after the class and will be viewable for one month.
Thursdays 1:00-3:30 pm EDT

Pedagogy Hot Topics 

Interactive pedagogy sessions for teachers– have your instrument at hand to explore hot topics on teaching and practicing. Open to those teaching strings at the pre-college through college levels in studios, schools or orchestras. Each session will include work with students of the teachers enrolled in Hot Topics Practicum.

NEW! Pedagogy Hot Topics Practicum

For each Hot Topics session, there are registration slots for up to three teachers to invite one or two of their students of any age or level to zoom in to the session and play a scale, etude, excerpt, or piece.  The instructor will work with them for 30 minutes, focusing on the topic at hand and offering suggestions. Registration will include a questionnaire in which you will share the student’s approximate age and level and what the student will play. The instructor will email the teacher to confirm the time their students will play.

Hot Topics session schedule:

  • Presentation on the topic
  • Practicum sessions with students and their teacher
  • Discussion with Q & A        

Registration will close at Wednesday noon the day prior to class. The zoom link will be emailed to registered participants after noon the day prior to class and the Practicum teachers share the link with their participating students.

Hot Topic C1 with Daniel Levitov

Your Bow is Your Voice: Examining bow technique and sound production
Thursday, June 29, 2023

Sound development is a critical part of a string instrument study. As we consider bow technique, exercises and ideas will be shared to build a palette of sounds and articulations to choose from. We will discuss strategies to help each student find his or her unique musical voice.

Hot Topic V1 with Rebecca Henry

Violin and Viola
Where Do I Start? Creating short- and long-term plans to improve postural challenges
Thursday, July 6, 2023

It can be challenging to decide where to start when improving a student’s bow hold, left hand frame, shifting or general posture. We will explore a variety of options for short- and long-term planning in making physical changes that will result in balanced, flexible playing. 

Hot Topic V2 with Andrea Picard Boecker

Violin and Viola
Teaching Students to Practice: Using lessons as a springboard for efficient and joyful home practice
Thursday, August 3, 2023

Violin and Viola. How do we encourage students to engage with depth and enjoyment when they practice? Can we help them make physical changes and grow musically outside the lesson? Let’s equip young players with a methodic and creative approach to their work at home! We will explore a variety of practice tools for all levels, discuss approaches and attitudes as well as how to organize and manage practice. 

Registration Details

Online Registration

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Peabody Conservatory Credit

Teachers and Conservatory students may enroll for one credit from the Peabody Conservatory by completing the following requirements:

  1. Attend any four of the six sessions.

  2. Observe 3 hours of private or group lessons and turn in observation forms.

  3. Send a video of one hour of your own teaching and have a one hour discussion with feedback from Rebecca Henry.

  4. Write a paper in consultation with Rebecca Henry.

Registration No.: PY.530.513 section 01

Cost (1 credit): $1686

*University students pay $25 per Pedagogy master class.

Pedagogical questions about the series? Contact Rebecca Henry at [email protected].

Note: Please check the website or call the Preparatory Office one week prior to class to confirm the date.  For inquiries, please contact [email protected].