Pedagogy Master Classes 2022-23

Rebecca Henry, Coordinator and Instructor (Violin/Viola)
Daniel Levitov and Alicia Ward, Instructors (Cello)
Online via Zoom and In Person
*A recording will be sent to registrants who cannot attend or view in real time
Saturdays 3:00-5:30 pm ET

This series is open to studio teachers, public school teachers, conductors and pedagogy students and a different set of topics are explored each year.

Each session begins with a Master Class in which Peabody Preparatory students of a variety of levels perform unless a level for the class is specified.  We will integrate work on the session topic into the music the student is performing to help integrate their technical and musical practice and understanding.

A Teacher Workshop on the day’s topic follows – Bring your instruments and your questions for an interactive session.

Registration will close Friday noon the day prior to class.  The zoom link will be emailed to registered participants after noon the day prior to class.  A recording link will be sent to all participants within 3 days after the class and will be viewable for one month.

Violin & Viola

Class V1: The Beginning Stages
September 17, 2022

Setting a healthy foundation with posture, left and right-hand set-up, and early songs.

Class V2:  Bow Arm Exercises (all levels)
October 22,  2022

Rote and scale work for developing flexibility and comfort at all parts of the bow, including work on developing the martelé, detaché, off the string strokes, and smooth string crossings.

Class V3:  Etude Sequencing, Motivation & Practice
January 14, 2023

Ideas on ways to select and manage assignments, practice with a purpose, and consider both efficiency and creativity throughout the process.

Class V4:  Intermediate Repertoire: Expand & Diversify
March 25, 2023

Repertoire suggestions to supplement the standards. Consider where a new piece might fit within your usual sequence and the value of stretching the boundaries for yourself and for your students.


Class C1: Vibrato in the Early Stages
Alicia Ward
October 1, 2022

Class C2: Developing Technique Through the Repertoire
Daniel Levitov
March 4, 2023

Registration Details

Online Registration

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Peabody Conservatory Credit

Teachers and Conservatory students may enroll for one credit from the Peabody Conservatory by completing the following requirements:

  1. Attend any four of the six sessions.

  2. Observe 3 hours of private or group lessons and turn in observation forms.

  3. Send a video of one hour of your own teaching and have a one hour discussion with feedback from Rebecca Henry.

  4. Write a paper in consultation with Rebecca Henry.

Registration No.: PY.530.513 section 01

Cost (1 credit): $1686

*University students pay $25 per Pedagogy master class.

Pedagogical questions about the series? Contact Rebecca Henry at

Note: Please check the website or call the Preparatory Office one week prior to class to confirm the date.  For inquiries, please contact