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Due to the generosity of many individuals and charitable foundations, the Preparatory is able to offer scholarship support to a limited number of students based on exceptional ability, fulfillment of potential, teacher recommendations and financial need. Annually we award nearly $200,000 to approximately 200 students, or approximately 10% of our student body.

Since scholarship funding is so competitive, music students must be taking private lessons at the Preparatory and must have had prior study on their instrument to receive consideration. Dance students should also have had previous instruction and must be enrolled in the Pre-Professional program. Beginners and very young children should not apply.

Music scholarships are only allocated for the fall and spring semesters. No funding is offered during the summer session. Dance scholarships are available year round, however funding is limited to participants in specific programs.

Students who receive a Peabody scholarship cannot concurrently enroll in a similar program elsewhere.

If you are interested in applying for scholarship assistance, please contact the prep academic affairs office here

Scholarship Application Timeline

  • January
    • Scholarship applications for the following school year are available
    • Current scholarship recipients receive applications to renew in mid-January
  • April
    • Completed scholarship applications with all supporting documents are due.
  • April-May
    • Auditions for new music scholarship applicants.
  • June
    • Award letters mailed to students by the end of June.

Scholarship FAQ

Are preparatory scholarships awarded based on need or merit?

Both. Every applicant is considered for financial need and music/dance aptitude and potential. These factors are considered together to determine if a scholarship should be awarded and for how much.

Is their a minimum age/ability level to receive preparatory scholarship funding?

Yes. In general we ask that students have had several years instruction before applying for a scholarship. For this reason applicants are usually at least 8 years old and most are age 10 or older.

How much money is a typical scholarship?

Because tuition varies depending on the length of a student’s lesson or the number of dance classes he or she takes, it is difficult to estimate dollar amounts. That being said, the majority of scholarships we award cover between 25% and 75% of tuition. The average award is approximately 40% of tuition.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee to apply for scholarship.

Is there an audition?

Yes, but only for new applicants. Auditions are scheduled on an individual basis during the months of April and May. Applicants needing an audition will be contacted by the Academic Services Administrator to schedule a day and time.

When are applications due?

Applications are due in April for the school year beginning the following September. The specific date varies from year to year, but is generally April 15.

What happens if I fail to meet the April application deadline?

If you fail to meet the application deadline your application will not be considered until all other awards have been made. There is also a $20 late fee that must be submitted with a late application. The late fee applies to both new and renewing applicants.

Is scholarship money available for study during the summer?

Funding is not available for private instruction or music classes during the summer. Scholarship money is available to students in specific summer dance programs. Please contact the Dance Department for information.