Performance is a central part of the Peabody experience. Throughout the year there are numerous recitals, concerts, and master classes that allow students the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for successful performance. In conjunction with these skills, the Preparatory strives to develop the complementary skills of how to be an effective and evaluative audience member. Music students have the opportunity to perform in their teacher’s studio recital, the school-wide Signature Recital series or one of the Preparatory’s six annual competitions. Currently enrolled Peabody Plus (Adult) students are eligible to perform in a public group recital in January or May. Also available are weekly repertoire and master classes, chamber music ensembles, three orchestras and the Peabody Children’s Chorus. Dance students can participate in master classes and interdisciplinary workshops throughout the year as well as several fully staged productions.

Repertoire Classes

Repertoire classes are an integral part of learning at the Preparatory. These performance based classes give students the opportunity to perform, develop sensitive listening skills and to learn from a variety of faculty members. Some classes are open to public, but participants must be studying through the Preparatory. Peabody is one of the few pre-college schools that offers a regular array of repertoire classes. Each department schedules repertoire classes on an individual basis and faculty will recommend when a student should play in a class.

Signature Recitals and Vella Silver Recitals

Signature Recitals are made available to all music students who study privately at the Preparatory. Adjudicated by Preparatory faculty members, these recitals offer students the opportunity to receive feedback on their playing in an environment more formal than a repertoire class. Signature Recitals are held 3 times each semester (2 downtown, 1 in Towson) and feature students who have been working on a specific piece or pieces that are ready to perform for an audience. A teacher submits a student’s name to perform in a recital when a student would benefit most from the experience. That decision is tailored to each student, determined by individual learning styles, personality, and performance levels.

If a student performs particularly well on a Signature recital, they may be nominated to perform on the end of semester Silver recital. Selection to perform on a Silver Recital is based on performance quality and not on the level of repertoire. An elementary level student who gives an outstanding performance has as much chance to be nominated to perform on a Silver Recital as an advanced level student.

Please see the page about recitals for more information on Signature and Vella Silver recitals.


The Preparatory holds six competitions per year, each with a unique focus to provide different learning experiences for developing musicians. Only students taking private lessons through the Preparatory are eligible to participate in competitions. Learn more about competitions.