Admission to the Preparatory is open to anyone desiring to learn music or dance. We offer a variety of courses for students aged 2 months to adulthood. The faculty and staff can assist new students in finding the most appropriate type of instruction. All individual music instruction and dance classes require a placement interview.

Individual Instruction

Private lessons are available for students of any experience or background, from complete beginners through advanced levels of study, and for both children and adults. Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis, contingent upon teacher availability and student scheduling preferences (lesson time and campus). Students enrolled in private lessons will receive annual written progress reports and have the opportunity to perform in repertoire classes and recitals. Other opportunities include participation in our certificate program and competitions. Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments. Students enrolling in private lessons are required to have a practice instrument available. Please refer to the course catalog for current tuition.

Group Instruction

Group classes allow students to enjoy the challenge of learning together and the sharing of their performing arts development. Students interested in pursuing dance participate exclusively in a group class structure. Other group instruction programs include early childhood classes, vocal fundamentals, and music theory, as well as our ensembles like orchestra, chorus, and chamber music.

Program Instruction

In addition to individual lessons and group classes offered a la carte, students can participate in programs that combine these opportunities in a more structured curriculum. Programs like this include:

Peabody also offers lessons, classes, and special opportunities for adult learners of all ages and experience levels through Peabody Plus: Music and Dance Enrichment for Adults.