Chamber music—small ensembles performing with one person to a part and without a conductor—comprises some of the most challenging, rewarding, and memorable musical experiences a student will have. Chamber music study develops leadership and interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and challenges students to incorporate soloistic playing in an ensemble setting. For the student who wishes to pursue a career in music, chamber music is an essential component of a complete musical education. For all students, chamber music opens up new possibilities for advancement and enjoyment.

The Peabody chamber music program provides weekly instruction for the intermediate to advanced musician. The program consists of weekly coachings, guest master classes, special events, and performances. Each group will be responsible for one hour of self-directed rehearsal time per week, either on or off campus.

Students will be placed in an ensemble following the placement audition. Pre-formed groups are encouraged to apply (minimum of three players). New and returning chamber music students must attend placement. Private study at the Preparatory is not a pre-requisite for acceptance. Prior to placement, students will submit their schedules, and the coordinator will place them with a group and coach, and identify coaching and rehearsal times.


Strings and Woodwinds

For students who are auditioning for the Young Artists Orchestra (YAO) or Peabody Youth Orchestra (PYO), please sign up for an orchestra audition, which will serve as an audition for both the orchestra and chamber music programs.  Students will only need to prepare the requirements for the orchestra audition.  No additional solo work will be required.  For students who are only auditioning for chamber music, please prepare two contrasting works as stated below and sign up for a chamber music specific audition during the August placement day.

Audition requirements

Strings, Woodwinds

Students should come prepared to play two contrasting works.


Students should come prepared to play two contrasting works. In addition, pianists will be asked to sight read materials at the audition. Sign up for an audition here.