What is a Repertoire Class?

A Repertoire Class, or a Master Class is a class in which (usually) one instructor listens to several students play solos that are close to or at performance level. The instructor then gives technical and/or musical advice as in a lesson and the audience gains by listening, observing, and applying any suggestions to their own practice. It is very important for musicians of all levels to have several such performances prior to performing in a formal concert. This is your chance to listen to and support your colleagues, to try out a new piece, to get some feedback from a different perspective, to hear repertoire you have yet to play, and to learn. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity at the Preparatory.

There is no fee. The cost is included in your individual instruction tuition. All members of the Peabody community are welcome to listen to any repertoire or master class.

Book Appointments for Classes & Accompanists

Repertoire Classes are offered at the Peabody campus (Downtown) some Saturdays at 3:15-4:45 pm for violin and viola, 3:15-4:15 pm for cello, and once per semester at the Towson campus (violin and viola only) on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. The faculty rotate.

  • Students may sign up to perform in up to two Repertoire Classes per semester.
  • Students must have their teacher’s permission to sign up to perform in a Rep Class.
  • All performers must stay for the entire class.
  •  Students in the Young People’s String Program, Performance Academy, and Pre-Conservatory Violin Program are expected to perform solos regularly in those program classes, and should only sign up to play in a Repertoire Class at the advice of their teacher.
  •  Students should have rehearsed with piano PRIOR to performing in Repertoire Class. This is not the place to get to know the piano part or your entrances.
  • You must bring your piano part if it is not in Suzuki Books 1-5 or Fun With Solos.
  • All students are encouraged to attend all Repertoire Classes, or to come to an agreement with their private teacher on an appropriate number of classes to attend.
  • Repertoire Class faculty are encouraged to let students from other studios sign up first and have their own students perform if space is available.
  • Dress for Repertoire classes is concert casual: No jeans, t-shirts, or athletic shoes.

Scheduling and Accompanists

The Preparatory pays for one staff accompanist to be at each Repertoire Class.

If you play with a different pianist on the Preparatory payroll, you may ask him or her to attend and the Preparatory will pay them. Other pianists are not required to keep every Repertoire class time free in their schedules. If they cannot come, please play with the pianist in attendance.

How to sign up for a repertoire class

A rolling calendar will show the coming six weeks. Click on the day you would like. If it is not available, the next available date will be shown.

You will see times listed in 15 min. increments (3:15, 3:30, etc.) because that is the way the system works, but all students should attend the FULL class. Please sign for the first available time.

When signing up, include the following information: Student name, email, mobile phone (for contacting the day of class), name of piece, name of composer.

You must sign up by 9:00 pm the evening prior to the class.

If no one is signed up for a Repertoire class by 9:00 pm the night before class, the class is cancelled and the pianist and teacher will not be there. The Office staff will post a Repertoire Class Cancelled Sign on the Bulletin Board.

Cello Classes: 4 students. Violin/Viola Classes: 5 students.
The schedule will be posted on the string board on Saturdays (at noon) and Thursdays (in Towson).

*Downtown students who want to sign up on the morning of a repertoire class must call or come in to the Preparatory office before noon on Saturday. If there is room, the office staff will add the student to the list for that day. After noon on Saturday, students may sign up in writing on the board until class time if there are openings. The posted schedule will not have lines for adding your name and information in writing. Add your name only if the maximum number of students has not been reached.

Towson students may sign up in writing on the board until class time if there are openings. The posted schedule will not have lines for adding your name and information in writing. Add your name only if the maximum number of students has not been reached.

Mid-Semester Studio Master Classes

These are Master Classes where a faculty member invites or requires his or her students to attend and listen or perform. This gives faculty a chance to hear their own students with piano in a performance environment, and to spend time with their students in the repertoire class environment. The faculty member will schedule the day, time, room, and pianist and will inform his or her students.

End of Semester “Master Class Week”

During one week mid-semester and the week prior to Studio Recitals in December and May, the Young People’s String Program (YPSP) Group Classes, Violin Choir, and cello ensemble do not meet, and the Performance Academy and Pre-Conservatory Violin Program will have revised schedules. Instead, all faculty hold Studio Master Classes in preparation for recitals. This gives the faculty a chance to hear their students with the recital accompanist mid-semester and prior to Studio Recitals.

  •  The Master Class schedule is distributed to students by their teacher.
  • Students go to their private teacher’s Studio Master Class instead of to their YPSP Group Class during those weeks.
  • Performance Academy and Pre-Conservatory students should check their Program Schedule for these dates.
  • If a student cannot attend his or her teacher’s Master Class, the teacher may try to make arrangements for the student to play in another faculty’s class.
  • If the teacher has not heard a solid performance with piano, absence from the Master Class may result in the student not being able to perform in the Studio Recital.

Guest Master Classes

Each year we invite several artists to give Guest Master Classes for the Preparatory. Student performers are invited by the String Department Chair at the recommendation of the faculty. Fliers for Guest Master Classes will be posted on the String Bulletin Boards, on the Preparatory Strings website and distributed to faculty.