As part of the Peabody Preparatory’s commitment to providing the finest education for our students, we provide pianists to rehearse and perform at Peabody with our students on a limited basis. The cost of having accompanists for some rehearsals and performances is included in the tuition fee for private instruction.

Elementary and intermediate level students may not need any more rehearsal time than that which is offered by the school. However, as a student advances, it will be necessary to hire accompanists directly, at the student’s own cost, to supplement the rehearsal time provided by the Preparatory.

Our accompanist sign-up feature is now online and easier than ever!

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 2022-23 Accompanist Guidelines

Accompanists Provided by the Preparatory

The Preparatory will pay accompanists on our payroll for the following events:

  • Studio recitals, Vella Silver recitals, Honors recitals, Preparatory recitals
  • Strings Special recital
  • Repertoire classes, studio master classes, guest master classes
  • Peabody outreach events
  • YPSP group classes and concerts
  • Certificate exams
  • Limited, scheduled rehearsal time as listed on the accompanist rehearsal schedule

Students and families must make arrangements and pay accompanists for the following events:

  • Signature recitals
  • Preparatory competitions
  • Scholarship auditions
  • Senior recitals
  • Non-Peabody events

Rehearsal Schedule

The Preparatory has scheduled rehearsal hours for each accompanist. The hours per week increase as the studio recitals draw near. There are no rehearsals during Master Class or Recital week.

Sign-up Procedure

Each Preparatory Violin, Viola or Cello student may sign-up to rehearse with an accompanist a maximum of six times a semester. The length of the rehearsal is determined by the student’s level of playing: up to and including Suzuki Book 3 (10 minutes); Suzuki Book 4 and above (20 minutes).

Rehearsals take place at the Downtown, Towson, and Howard County campuses, and are scheduled online. The online schedule is a rolling calendar, showing four weeks at a time. To sign up for a rehearsal, please do the following:

  • Write the student name along with the best email address and phone number to reach you. This information should be consistent each time you sign up for a rehearsal.
  • Choose the appropriate amount of time the student should have for a rehearsal, depending on the student’s level.
  • Check email to make sure you have received a confirmation about your rehearsal. This email will also give you the option to cancel later. You will receive a reminder one hour before your scheduled rehearsal.
  • You MUST cancel a minimum of two hours before your rehearsal begins.
  • You may sign up until 9 pm the night before a rehearsal.

With any questions you may call the Preparatory Offices:
Downtown- 667-208-6640
Towson- 667-208-6650.

On the days of rehearsals, students may sign up online when there are empty slots left (not including sign-ups for 5-5:30 pm rehearsals in Howard County and 9-10 am rehearsals Downtown.) This does not count as part of the student’s monthly sign-up time.

If no one has signed up by the beginning of the rehearsal session downtown, or prior to 7 pm in Towson or 6:30 pm in Howard County, then the pianist may leave.

Piano Scores

The accompanists are provided with copies of the Suzuki Books 1-6 and Fun with Solos for violin, Suzuki Books 1-5 for Viola, and Suzuki Books 1-9 for cellos. For pieces that are not included in these materials, the students must provide their own music to the pianist. The students should always, ahead of time, give the accompanist a copy of the music that he can take away and practice. When you schedule a rehearsal, either give the music directly to your accompanist or place a copy of the music in the accompanist’s mailbox. However, remember to bring another copy to any performance.

Who Is My Pianist?

The faculty members are generally matched with one or two pianists who will accompany their studio for the year. These pianists will be scheduled to play for the Studio Master Classes and the Studio Recitals. Rehearsals with the assigned pianist are not guaranteed each week, except for Master Class weeks. Please utilize all pianists for the regular rehearsal schedule each week.

What if the scheduled rehearsal times don’t work for me?

The Preparatory cannot pay for rehearsals outside of the scheduled times. These times are made available to benefit our students, and we realize that not every student will be able to take full advantage of this service. If you cannot attend these rehearsals, or if the slots are full, you must make arrangements yourself to rehearse and pay a pianist. Students at the Intermediate and Advanced levels will probably need more time than what the school provides to adequately prepare repertoire. The students/parents are responsible for making arrangements at the advice of their private teacher.