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Private Lessons are available to children and adults of all experience levels — from beginners through the most advanced levels of study. Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and are contingent upon teacher availability.

Students enrolled in Private Lessons are required to have a practice instrument available.

Students will also have opportunities to participate in recitals, repertoire and master classes, and either of our music certificate programs.

Private Lesson Enrollment Process

  • Click-on here on “Private Lessons” to begin
  • Choose to submit your Lesson Inquiry Form
    • there are two options: one for returning students and one for new students
  • The Preparatory administrative staff will:
    • receive the form and process enrollment;
    • notify the instructor; and
    • send confirmation email to you with the invoice
    • instructor will contact you directly to confirm the time, day, and location of the lesson.

You submit invoice payment online to complete the enrollment process.

If you are no longer interested, after submitting an inquiry form, you must submit an Add/Drop form to

Benefits of Full-Year enrollment:

  • Instructor and schedule guaranteed for all 32 weeks
  • No need to re-register for the spring term
  • Pay only a single registration fee of $50.00
  • Monthly installment pay-plans available; one-time only $50.00 administrative fee (this fee waived if set up by 10/15)
  • No penalty opt-out option for the final 16 weeks during period of January 13-17 
    • To opt-out complete this add/drop form and submit it to
    • Eligible refunds are made in accordance with the original method of payment. Please allow 2-4 business days for electronic refunds and 7-10 business days for check refunds. 


Students new to Private Lessons at Peabody must sign up for a placement interview via the online Inquiry process in the new ASAP student registration system and pay the $50 registration fee.

You can access the registration system here. Click on the Private Lessons button on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions for “New Students” to submit the inquiry form.

Once you register for the placement class and pay the $50 registration fee you will receive detailed instructions on the placement day process.

What to expect at the placement interview

During the placement interview students and/or parents discuss goals, program information, and scheduling needs. Students should be prepared to discuss first, second, third, and possibly fourth choices for scheduling with the faculty. A decision regarding the schedule will either be made during the interview or within a week of the interview. Students who have studied an instrument or a discipline prior to enrolling at the Preparatory should bring their instrument and/or any music or portfolio they have been working on with former teachers or programs. Beginners may be asked to demonstrate their musical potential in some way.

What to expect after the student is placed

The Preparatory Administrative staff will process your enrollment and email an invoice with payment due upon receipt. Your instructor will contact you to confirm lesson location, room, day, and time.

What if placement is not possible?

It is the desire of the Preparatory to accommodate as closely as possible the scheduling needs of the student. On those rare occasions when a student cannot be placed, a full refund of the $50 registration fee (per semester) will be issued. In keeping with University Policy, no refund can be processed until one month after the payment has been received or if there is a balance left on a student’s account.

Academic Year 2020-21

Tuition is based on a 32-week full academic year.

  32 Week Per Session
30 Minutes $1,920.00 $60.00
45 Minutes $2,848.00 $89.00
60 Minutes $3,776.00 $118.00
90 Minutes $5,664.00 $177.00

Summer 2021 Private Lesson Rates

  6-Lesson Package 8-Lesson Package
30 Minutes $372.00 $496.00
45 Minutes $552.00 $736.00
60 Minutes $732.00 $976.00
90 Minutes $1,092.00 $1,456.00

Private Lessons Refund Policy:

  • Students enrolled in Online private lessons must complete the add/drop form prior to the first lesson to receive a full refund.
  • Once the lessons begin there are no refunds.
  • Peabody Preparatory Refund Policy