Faculty Spotlights

Faculty at the Peabody Institute are incredibly dedicated to the students and their successes. At no time was this dedication more on display than in the transition to remote teaching and learning in the Spring of 2020. These Faculty Spotlights allow the Learning Innovation team to recognize our impressive faculty members and to showcase the growth and adaptation that will elevate the student experience for years to come. 

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Marin Alsop

“Every crisis is an opportunity to rethink, experiment, and evolve.”
- Marin Alsop, Head of Graduate Conducting Department

Tony Arnold

“I hope [my students] will reflect on this as a time they rose above the challenges to create artistic experiences that they are proud of.”
- Tony Arnold, Associate Professor of Voice

Madeleine Gray

“I really hope we all remember that, despite the challenges, we have CONTINUED TO SING.”
- Madeleine Gray, Chair, Preparatory Voice Department

David Hildebrand

“There were some pleasant and even humorous moments online, much as there used to be in the in-person classroom setting before.”
- David Hildebrand, Part-time Faculty, Musicology Department

Amit Peled

“I realized that being quarantined presented a unique opportunity to reach out to cellists around the world.”
- Amit Peled, Professor of Cello

Steve Stone

“[With regard to going remote], having an iPad with a stylus saved my teaching.”
- Steve Stone, Professor, Music Theory and Coordinator of Online Courses

Susan Weiss

“We could cater to [the students] individual schedules in ways not possible before the move to remote teaching.”
- Susan Weiss, Associate Professor, Musicology, Modern Languages and Literature

Andrea Westcot

“I hope that [my students] felt seen, understood, and prioritized.”
- Andrea Westcot, Instructor, Liberal Arts Department

Kip Wile

“[While remote teaching], we were able to retain many of the elements of previous courses, such as in-class discussion, regular feedback on in-class work and assignments, and longer-term feedback on larger assignments or exams.”
- Kip Wile, Professor, Music Theory