This is the #keepteaching site for faculty. Students of the Conservatory and Preparatory should visit the #keeplearning site at

For help with pivoting to hybrid or remote teaching models due to changing circumstances in your classroom due to emergency closures, please see the Faculty Guide to Basic Hyflex Teaching on this site. For more operational resources and reminders for faculty, please visit the Peabody Alerts page.

Getting Started with Remote Teaching at Peabody

In case of a campus closure, suspension of in-person instruction, or online-designated coursework, JHU and Peabody provide various resources for remote teaching. These same resources provide value any time a faculty member and their students cannot be co-located, or would like to collaborate asynchronously. Faculty will find a number of tools, resources, and techniques that can be adopted to ensure the quality of teaching in situations where physical proximity to students is not possible.

Below you will find guidance relevant to the different modes of teaching and learning that take place at Peabody along with an aggregation of useful links from our colleagues and partners around JHU.

Whether you need to provide resources to your students, convene them for a live online class session, conduct a 1-1 lesson, or assess students remotely, Peabody has a number of tools for your use.

Want to get started?

  1. View the Quick Start Guide for faculty!
  2. View extensive resources on these topics:
    Faculty Guide to Academic Instruction
    Faculty Guide to Applied Instruction
    Faculty Guide to Zoom
    Accessing the Library Remotely
  3. Visit Peabody’s Faculty Forum Microsoft Teams community (faculty JHED authentication required).
  4. Visit JHU’s central resources at
  5. Keep reading for information about workshops, training, and open office hours.

Workshops and Open Office Hours

Applied Instruction Workshops and Open Office Hours

For all applied instruction information, workshops, open office hours, and resources, please visit the Faculty Guide to Applied Instruction page.

Academic Instruction Workshops and Open Office Hours

All Academic Instruction workshops and open office hours are hosted by the Learning Innovation team

See the full workshop schedule and sign up!

Open office hours are held via Zoom and in-person so faculty who want to explore the resources and discuss online teaching can do so in a supportive environment. See more information here.

Learning Innovation staff can also be available to join your department conversations or host your department for workshops. Please get in touch to discuss and coordinate.

General Help from IT@Peabody

Visit the main IT@Peabody site for more information.