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Student Guide to Learning Remotely

JHU and Peabody provide various resources to allow all students in both the Conservatory and Preparatory to learn remotely. These resources are valuable any time students and faculty cannot be co-located, or when the coursework is fully online by design. This Keep Learning site provides details for tools and techniques to learn online successfully.

Whether you need to download resources for your class, participate in live online class sessions, or submit paper or take tests remotely, Peabody has a number of tools for student and faculty use.

Getting Started

When learning online, it is useful to remember that:

  • Learning online is different than learning in person. Faculty adjust their approach and students need to also; a different context provides both challenges and opportunities.
  • There will be a temporary state of anxiety when switching to online learning. Faculty and students maintain the same relationships. Be kind and help each other through it.
  • All lessons, assignments, tests, and live class sessions will be delivered through Peabody’s online learning tools. Faculty should be transparent about how these will work in each class. Students should be transparent about their situations and any limitations caused by learning online.
  • There are opportunities that can arise from a different way of learning. You may be able to view recordings of your lessons, have more regular access to resources, and learn some new technologies that may help you moving forward. Embrace the change and opportunities in this new environment.
  • Faculty will be flexible to help meet the challenges we are all facing. Please communicate with your instructor about any concerns you may have.

The information below pertains specifically to Peabody Conservatory students. Peabody Preparatory students and families should continue to Zoom for Students and Families.

Preparing to Take Courses Remotely

Conservatory students will find a thorough guide to emergency remote learning at the JHU Center for Educational Resources’ (CER’s) “Preparing to Take Courses Remotely” website. The resources will help students to:

Guide to Zoom for Peabody Students

Students at Peabody have unique needs and that Zoom videoconferencing will help to address. The most important thing to remember is that clicking the Zoom link from your faculty is all you need to do to join a Zoom call. For basic Zoom guidance, see the CER’s guide referenced above.

 Peabody’s guide to Zoom for Students has been specifically developed to help Peabody’s Conservatory and Preparatory students navigate Zoom from a “music-first” perspective. The page outlines:

  • Zoom information and considerations specific to 1-1 lessons
  • Recommended accessories and equipment for computers and mobile devices
  • Considerations for use of Zoom with different internet speeds

Where to Get More Help

Please see IT@Peabody’s “IT Support During a Campus Closure” page for more information on how to ask for additional help.