The below workshops are targeted towards faculty at the Peabody Institute, and are facilitated by various departments across Peabody relative to the content provided. All workshops will be held online via Zoom, and are free to attend. Make sure to register using the links provided to ensure that you have the link to each workshop and receive reminders when they are upcoming. JHU username is required to sign up.

Upcoming Workshops

Canvas Q&A Sessions

Description: Join the Learning Innovation team as we get you acquainted with Canvas. Prepare to streamline your teaching in your online, hybrid, or in-person courses this fall with the tools and resources available to you.

Thursday, August 24, 6pm-7pm – Register for this Zoom Workshop
Tuesday, August 29, 2pm-3pm – Register for this Zoom Workshop
Friday, September 1, 9am-10am – Register for this Zoom Workshop
Friday, September 1, 1pm-2pm – Register for this Zoom Workshop
Tuesday, September 5, 11am-12pm – Register for this Zoom Workshop

Demystifying Rubrics

Date: Date TBD
Description: Participants will explore best practices in using rubrics, look at the Canvas Rubrics tool and how it works with grading manually or using SpeedGrader, and help develop a set of rubric templates for all Peabody faculty.
Facilitators: Learning Innovation
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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Action: A Faculty Sharing Session

Date: TBD
Description: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing instruction that works to accommodate the needs of all learners by minimizing barriers to learning. This research-based approach is guided by principles that support flexible and inclusive course design while maximizing learning opportunities for all students. Learn how two Peabody faculty are using UDL to reduce barriers and create engaging and meaningful learning experiences for their students. They will share how incorporation of UDL principles in their courses has provided opportunities for engagement, reflection, and autonomy in student learning, as well as connection to students’ professional goals.
Facilitator: Agustin Muriago, Christina Manceor
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Past Workshops – Recordings and Resources

Peabody Teaching Collective – AI Conversation and Collaborations

Date: Monday, July 10 – Wednesday, July 12
Description: Following a strong showing in the AI Lunch & Learn this Spring, the Teaching Collective this summer will focus on the current wave of Artificial Intelligence. Through participation in the Collective, participants will explore the current developments in AI across writing and the arts, learn about different approaches and scenarios applying these new tools, and work together to develop approaches for the use of AI in their classrooms and studios.

  • Day 1 Current Applications: Basics and Productivity (What We Have or “How can we think about AI as it relates to our current teaching practices?”)
    Day 1 Outcome: AI Tip Sheet for Faculty
  • Day 2 Future Applications: Pedagogy (How We Can Grow or “How might AI influence changes in our teaching practices, incorporating our experience from day 1?”)
    Day 2 Outcome: Database of Assignments, Activities, and AI Tools
  • Day 3 Guardrails: Ethics and Policies (How We Can Help Others Explore or “How can we provide a framework within which Peabody faculty can explore these tools?)
    Day 3 Outcome: Sample Set of Classroom/Studio Policies 

Facilitators: Learning Innovation with faculty

Slate at Peabody

Date: Monday, July 17, 10am-11am
Description: The Slate platform is a critical platform beyond Admissions. Learn how it’s used at both the Conservatory and the Preparatory.
Facilitators: IT@Peabody
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HelioCampus (formerly AEFIS) Syllabus Support Session

Date: Tuesday, July 18, 10am-11am
Description: Learn how to use JHU’s new AEFIS syllabus tool in Canvas to submit your syllabi for upcoming semesters. This session will be facilitated by members of Learning Innovation and Academic Affairs.
Facilitators: Office of Academic Affairs, Learning Innovation
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Weeklong Online Residency – Sound Studies and Sonic/Media Arts

Date: Monday, July 31 – Friday, August 4, 10am-11am, 7pm-8pm
Description: This weeklong residency is designed to provide faculty and graduate students support in their research and creative activities. Open to both creative and writing projects, this workshop environment offers participants the opportunity to work on a project of their choosing each day and present their progress and receive peer feedback.

What you will accomplish during the residency:

  • Make significant progress on a research project in your field of study or creative practice.
  • Present your findings or work to the group and receive feedback from participants.
  • Foster a supportive community to network and achieve goals.
  • Participate in potential follow up sessions throughout summer and academic year.

Facilitators: Lyn Goeringer, Bryan Jacobs
Detailed agenda available. Please contact Lyn Goeringer for more information.

Designing Your Syllabus to Support Multilingual Students

Date: Monday, August 14, 10am-12pm
Description: Multilingual students can often rely on course documentation to better understand faculty expectations and course requirements. This workshop will provide studio faculty and academic faculty an opportunity to review your syllabus with an eye for providing your multilingual students with the tools and resources they need in the syllabus to be successful in your course.
Facilitators: Kathleen DeLaurenti, Ahlam Musa

HelioCampus (formerly AEFIS) Syllabus Support Session

Date: Monday, August 14, 2pm-3pm
Description: Learn how to use JHU’s new AEFIS syllabus tool in Canvas to submit your syllabi for upcoming semesters. This session will be facilitated by members of Learning Innovation and Academic Affairs.
Facilitators: Office of Academic Affairs, Learning Innovation
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Supporting Student Success in 2023/24

Date: Wednesday, August 16, 10am-11am
Description: This session will provide details about the information and resources available to your students at Peabody, as well as the tools available to faculty to help foster student success.
Facilitator: Deb Gould
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LAUNCHPad & Breakthrough Curriculum Deep Dive

Date: Thursday, August 17, 1pm-2pm
Description: This workshop will focus on the skills students develop over the course of the Breakthrough Curriculum, student work samples, and student impact.   The workshop will also highlight resources offered by the LAUNCHPad office for students, as well as, the experiential opportunities offered through our Community Based Learning Programs.
Facilitators: Zane Forshee, Christina Manceor
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Facilitating Difficult Conversations with Students

Date: Thursday and Friday, August 17-18, 9am-12pm
Description: Join us for a hands-on workshop on facilitating difficult conversations with students. This workshop will build on the principles discussed at last summer’s workshop. New participants are welcome; those who participated last semester will have the chance to keep practicing the relevant skills. Facilitators will share stories and examples that demonstrate how to find common ground with others. The workshop will feature a keynote speaker, role-playing session, and opportunities to practice new skills in small groups.
Facilitators: External Facilitator TBD, Elizabeth Futral, Anicia Timberlake
Participation Stipend: $100

Promotions and Reappointments

Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2pm-4pm
Description: This session will provide a roadmap and details for faculty related to promotions and reappointment.
Facilitator: Paul Mathews
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Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

Date: Wednesday, August 23, 11am-12pm
Description: Overview of the Microsoft platform at JHU
Facilitators: IT@Peabody
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