The below workshops are targeted towards faculty at the Peabody Institute, and are facilitated by various departments across Peabody relative to the content provided. All workshops will be held online via Zoom, and are free to attend. Make sure to register using the links provided to ensure that you have the link to each workshop and receive reminders when they are upcoming. JHU username is required to sign up.

Upcoming Workshops in 2024

Canvas Q&A Sessions

Description: Join the Learning Innovation team as we get you acquainted with Canvas. Prepare to streamline your teaching in your online, hybrid, or in-person courses this fall with the tools and resources available to you. Dates and time TBA closer to the Fall 2024 semester start.
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Research Intensive in Sound Studies and Sonic/Media Arts

Date: June 17, 1pm-2pm, then every 2-3 weeks through July 31
Description: We invite practitioners and scholars from Peabody and the broader Johns Hopkins community whose research intersects and engage in Sound Studies and Sonic/Media Arts. Though we intend to allow a broad interpretation for these fields, we are looking more specifically at Sound Studies as a field of research that theorizes and engages with sound from a cultural and phenomenological standpoint, with Sonic and Media Arts as a stage where these concepts are explored for more public audiences.

Over the last twenty years, sound studies have become a major component in musicological and media studies discourse around electronic music, sonic arts/sound art, and new media practices. For many, this has become a critical framework from which new music, sound art works are created, and informs daily practice within the field. For researchers, this framework has allowed new methods of analysis and critique so that we can better investigate contemporary sonic practices and their cultural impact.
Facilitator: Lyn Goeringer
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Summer Teaching Collective

Date: Week of July 8-12 [time TBD by participants]
Description: This summer…
Facilitator: Learning Innovation
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Micro-Residency in Sound Studies and Sonic/Media Arts

Date: August 5-9 [time TBD by participants]
Description:We invite practitioners and scholars from Peabody and the broader Johns Hopkins community whose research intersects and engage in Sound Studies and Sonic/Media Arts. In this one-week online residency/intensive, we meet daily via zoom to discuss our research in depth, while providing support for members who want to work daily on their projects to implement feedback quickly. In the 2024-25 academic year as part of the Faculty Learning Community, we plan to showcase our work at a public gallery show, including public talks for research, and performances.
Facilitator: Lyn Goeringer
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Engaging Language Learners in Classroom Discussions

Date: Monday, August 12, 1pm-2pm
Description: This workshop provides faculty with practical strategies to make classroom discussions more accessible and engaging for language learners. Participants learn how to create an inclusive environment that values diverse linguistic backgrounds and promotes active participation. The session includes group discussions to share and explore effective techniques and role-playing activities to apply these methods.
Facilitator: Ahlam Musa
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Faculty Course Support from AFL

Date: Tuesday, August 13, 1pm-2pm
Description: Maximize your teaching impact with the AFL Library’s support services. In this workshop, you’ll learn the benefits of and how to incorporate e-reserves into your curriculum. You’ll also explore the variety of multimedia resources available and how to access equipment support. Upgrade your courses with these valuable tools and ensure your students can access the highest quality educational resources.
Facilitators: Gayssie Lugo, Luis Ozoria 
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Supporting Student Success in AY2024-25

Date: Wednesday, August 14, 10am-11am
Description: This session provides details about the information and resources available to your students at Peabody, as well as the tools available to faculty to help foster student success.
Facilitator: Deb Gould
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Effective Feedback Strategies for English Language Learners

Date: Thursday, August 15, 10am-11am
Description: This workshop explores practical methods for providing constructive and culturally sensitive feedback to English language learners and international students. Participants learn techniques to enhance student understanding, encourage engagement, and foster academic success. The session includes hands-on activities and case studies to apply these strategies effectively in diverse classroom settings.
Facilitator: Ahlam Musa
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LAUNCHPad & Breakthrough Curriculum Deep Dive

Date: Thursday, August 15, 1pm-2pm
Description: This workshop focuses on the skills students develop over the course of the Breakthrough Curriculum, student work samples, and student impact. The workshop also highlights resources offered by the LAUNCHPad office, including student jobs and programs, grant funding, competitions, performance opportunities, and job search support services.
Facilitators: Zane Forshee, Christina Manceor
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Digital Resources, OER, & Open Pedagogy

Date: Wednesday, August 21, 10am-11am
Description: Explore how the library can support instruction in the classroom leveraging digital resources and open educational resources (OER). This workshop delves into effective strategies for utilizing our institutional subscriptions and integrating open pedagogy principles to create engaging and accessible learning experiences. Learn how to curate and implement high-quality, cost-effective materials that enrich your teaching and support student success.
Facilitator: Kathleen DeLaurenti
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Past Workshops – Recordings and Resources

Slate at Peabody

Date: Monday, July 17, 2023
Description: The Slate platform is a critical platform beyond Admissions. Learn how it’s used at both the Conservatory and the Preparatory.
Facilitators: IT@Peabody
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Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Description: Overview of the Microsoft platform at JHU
Facilitators: IT@Peabody
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