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Live and Regional Auditions Guidelines

The live auditions at Peabody will be remote via Zoom audition. Zoom audition applicants should still submit video audition, in case there are technical issues the day of the audition. Regional auditions are not taking place this year, but applicants can submit a video audition as indicated in the video audition instructions below. The audition consist of a ballet barre and center combinations including adagio, petit battement and pirouettes. It will be followed by a modern dance phrase and sequence traveling across the space. An improv section will also be included. Auditionees should have a 2 minute solo prepared. The solo may be choreographed by oneself or someone else and may be in any genre of dance. (see video audition guidelines below)

Regional Auditions

For the Fall 2021 auditions, we will not be hosting regional auditions. Video Audition information is listed below.

Video Audition Guidelines

Along with your video submission, please make sure to include the following items:

  • Resume
  • Head Shots

Video requirements:


  • 3-4 combinations at the barre
  • adagio
  • pirouette combination in the center
  • petit allegro combination
  • grande allegro combination


  • modern phrase that travels across the floor
  • modern center movement phrase


  • up to 2 minutes in length, in any genre
  • make sure to introduce the solo and include who choreographed it

*Please also include a portion of you speaking about your dance background- how long you have trained, where, what styles, etc.