There is no pre-screening requirement for Dance. 

Live and Regional Audition Guidelines

At this time, we plan on having live auditions at Peabody February 10th-11th. The live auditions take place over two days: day 1 includes a masterclass with Peabody Dance Chair danah bella, followed by a showcase of faculty, guest, and student work, while day two comprises the audition, in two parts.

The group portion of the audition consists of:

  • Modern warm up
  • Contemporary Ballet movement phrase
  • Modern movement phrase
  • African Expressions
  • Improv

Auditionees should have a 2 minute solo prepared. The solo may be choreographed by oneself or someone else. Please follow these guidelines:

  • 2 minutes in length, in any genre
  • Please be sure to introduce the solo and include who choreographed it

If you have questions, please¬†contact danah bella directly at [email protected].

Recorded Audition Guidelines

Recorded Audition instructions and eligibility requirements can be found here. Along with your video submission, please make sure to include the following:

  • Resume
  • Head Shots

Video requirements

Contemporary Ballet:

  • contemporary ballet center combination


  • modern phrase that travels across the floor
  • center combination

Genre of choice:

  • center combination


  • up to 2 minutes in length, in any genre
  • make sure to introduce the solo and include who choreographed it

Please also include a portion of you answering the following questions and speaking about your dance background:

  • How long you have trained, where, what styles, etc.
  • Are you interested or did you apply for the double degree program?
  • If you are applying for the double degree program, would you consider pursuing the Directed Studies Minor if not accepted into the double degree?
  • Why Peabody Dance?
  • If you attend Peabody, what do you expect to learn while you’re here?