Not all applicants are eligible to audition by recording. Please see below for eligibility by major and/or location. If you have any questions about this policy or are experiencing extenuating circumstances that you feel require a recorded audition or remote interview, please submit your application and subsequently submit a request for accommodation. Requests for accommodation will be reviewed later this fall on a case-by-case basis. You do not need to submit a request for accommodation is the option to select a recorded audition is available to you in your application.

The following applicants may not audition by recording:

  • Applicants living within a 400-mile radius of Baltimore
  • Pianists
  • Flutists
  • Percussionists
  • Conductors (all concentrations)
  • Artist Diploma applicants
  • Applicants for Keyboard, Accompanying, and/or Opera Accompanying GAs

Instructions for Uploading Your Audition Video

If you are eligible and choose to audition by recording, you will not hear from us until decisions are released. Requirements:

  • Audition recordings must be video.
  • Selections must be performed without editing.
  • You may upload one single file OR multiple files as long as each piece/movement is performed without editing.
  • You may upload separate movements of a single piece as individual files. ¬†

Please submit your application by the posted deadline. You may upload your audition recordings with your application or to the “Portfolio” section on your application status portal after you have submitted your application, unless you are applying for Spring Admission. Final audition recordings are due by the following deadlines:

  • Early Decision: December 3rd
  • Spring Admission: must be submitted with your application
  • Regular Admission: February 1st
  • Late Admission: May 10th

You must submit recordings of all repertoire requirements for your area.

Tips and Tricks for Recording

  • Use the equipment you have!
  • Avoid light sources being behind you as this puts you in shadow.
  • Eliminate background noises: turn off fans, ask family/roommates to pause their work or play, or find a quiet space.
  • Turn off the noise reduction feature on your recording device. This can distort the sound of your instrument.
  • Frame your video. Make sure you are in the center of the scene and that your background is free from distractions. We recommend filming in a landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  • Make sure your technique is in the frame. Faculty will want to be able to assess your physical technique, whether it be your hands at the piano, your fingers on the keys, or your facial expressions when singing.
  • Set up your recording device about 3-6ft away from you and make sure the microphone is not covered.
  • Do a test recording, for both yourself and to check your equipment.
  • Allow more time than you might think necessary for recording and DON’T wait until the last minute to record.