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Below is an overview of the Chamber Music credits required for each of Peabody’s degree programs.

Degree Total Semester Hours Needed for Graduation
Strings (except double bass) and Piano 4
Winds and double bass 1
Guitar 2
Strings (except double bass) and Piano 2
Winds and double bass 1
Guitar 2
Orchestral Instruments, Piano, Guitar-DMA Option B
(1 chamber music recital)
Performer’s Certificate:
Orchestral Instruments, Guitar 4-6
Piano 2

It is the responsibility of each student to keep track of the credits that they need to complete any degree. The Chamber Music department cannot guarantee that a person needing more than one credit in the last semester of their degree will be able to get all of the chamber music that they require.

Requirements for Chamber Music

To complete a semester’s work in chamber music, each group must do the following:

  • Receive regular coachings, totaling approximately 10 hours.
  • Perform at least one movement of the piece being studied during the semester.
  • Attend the following concerts:
    • TWO student chamber music concerts.
    • ONE Faculty and/or other professional chamber music concerts. (New! Chamber Music masterclasses also count towards this requirement.)

Keep in mind that only concerts by small ensembles (without a conductor) count for attendance credit. You will not receive credit for turning in programs from concerts by conducted chamber orchestras (such as the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra).

Chamber Music Department Policies


You do not need to add, drop or register for chamber music. If you sign up through the Director of Chamber Music, you will be properly registered.


The success of a chamber music group, and, indeed, the success of a professional musician, depends on a high degree of personal responsibility, courtesy and consideration towards one’s colleagues. Attendance is mandatory at all rehearsals and coachings. Personal emergency is the only reason to miss a rehearsal or coaching. If you must be absent for any reason, you must notify your coach and all of your colleagues in a timely manner. Failure to do so will be reflected in your grade.


It is expected that a group will convene for rehearsals 3-4 times weekly, with two meetings being the absolute minimum for adequate preparation.