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Alienation from the Collective is always a duty  -- W.H. Auden

Welcome to the Department of Humanities home page.   Please visit our faculty profiles and course listing to see the range of our expertise and offerings.

Why Humanities?  See here.

All Peabody students will be required to fulfill 30 credits of Humanities courses. The majority of Peabody students will enroll in a two-year Core Curriculum (12 credits); students must receive a C+ or better in a required Core course (see Core Requirements and Courses page to your left).   Students may petition the Humanities to substitute designated courses at Homewood or other institutions in place of the Core Curriculum. Students needing intense writing instruction will take 6 credits of Writing Intensive before beginning the Core Curriculum. A regular rotation of electives (including languages) will be offered by the Humanities Department to meet the additional credit requirements

In their third and fourth years (or earlier), students will take the appropriate number of Humanities courses to reach 30 credits. At least one of these courses (or 3 credits) must be a class at the .300 level, which indicates that the course engages with secondary literature or requires a substantial research paper. While students may take some courses at Homewood or elsewhere, Peabody’s Humanities Department will provide a rich and rigorous menu of courses designed specifically for Peabody students. U.S. History and Introduction to Psychology, are required by the Music Education Department, and will accordingly be a staple of the curriculum.

The Language Program will offer full-year 6-credit courses in French I, German I, and Italian I, as well as German II, to meet the requirements of Peabody Voice Majors. Language courses at Peabody will be focused primarily on language acquisition. Languages may be taken as electives to meet Humanities requirements after completion of the Core Curriculum. See Languages.

All Peabody undergraduates are encouraged to fulfill their humanities requirement with courses offered in the School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. (Click here for registration information.)

Departmental Attendance Policy

Active participation in class meetings is a fundamental element of the Humanities curriculum. It is department policy that eight absences (excused or unexcused) from any Humanities course will automatically result in a failing grade. Consult individual instructors for specific attendance and participation policies.

Questions About AP and Transfer Credits

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