How do I know which class to select when I register myself or my child?

Contact the Peabody Preparatory Dance Office BEFORE you officially register. We will discuss with you what classes are available to you and whether you need to take a placement class. Preparatory Dance generally requires a placement class for all new students with previous training. More details on the placement and registration process are on our How to Register Page. If you do need to take a placement class, we will be glad to schedule it at a convenient time.

Can I choose which class I want my child or myself to take?

The purpose of the placement process is for our faculty to evaluate age, dance experience, and physical ability in order to determine which class and level is the best fit for you or your child. Unfortunately, it would not be good for anyone if we were to allow you or your child to take a class that’s not right for you in order to accommodate your schedule.

I have scheduled a placement class, but how do I know a spot in class will be held for me in the meantime?

Your spot in a particular class is not confirmed until you officially register and pay for the class through the main Preparatory Office. When you speak with the Dance Department to schedule the placement class, we will advise you on what class to choose so that you can register in the meantime. Your status in the class will be “Pending Placement” until the placement occurs, but your spot will be held. Once you or your child is placed, we will work with the Preparatory Office to a) change your status in the class to “Enrolled,” b) move you or your child to the correct class if not placed where we advised you to register, or in the case of a 3 year-old who is not yet ready for Peabody Preparatory Dance classes, c) refund your tuition.

How and where do I register?

After you have spoken with the Dance Office, you have the following options for official registration:

  • Register online through ASAP. Instructions for using ASAP, new-student account creation, and direct access to ASAP for continuing students may all be found at
  • Register by paper form. The form is in the back of the Peabody Preparatory Catalog, or you may download a PDF of the form from You may submit the form to the Preparatory Office in one of the following ways:
    • in person at Peabody (downtown campus)—the Preparatory Office is located on the first floor of Leakin Hall (TWO floors above the basement dance studios, as there is the Plaza level in between the basement and the first floor). If you need assistance with the registration form, one of the staff will be glad to help you. Please see the Preparatory Contact Page for the hours and phone number.
    • by fax to 410-659-8281
    • by mail to the Peabody Preparatory, 21 E Mount Vernon Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202

Unfortunately, the only options to register are online or by paper form; the Preparatory Office does not process registrations over the phone. Also, neither the Dance Office nor the Towson receptionist’s office may process registrations.

How long does it take to receive my/my child’s placement after the placement class?

As soon as the placement class is over, the teacher will give you a Placement Slip and discuss it with you. The Placement Slip should be submitted to the main Preparatory Office.

I am trying to register online through Student Information System (SIS), but it is telling me that “Enrollment in this class requires department approval.” What do I do?

This message is intended to alert you that Preparatory Dance does have a placement process to make sure students enroll in the classes where the artistic director and faculty feel they will profit most. Please make sure you have read about the placement process on our How to Register page and have scheduled a placement class with the Dance Department if necessary. If you have confirmed that you have selected the appropriate class, you should be able to click “Continue” when you see the alert message so that you can proceed with the registration.

When I try to register online through Student Information System (SIS), it tells me that the “Student does not meet the age requirement for the class.” What do I do?

This message may or may not mean there is an error. Preparatory Dance placements in most cases are based on ability much more than on age, so students sometimes are placed in classes where they aren’t within the expected age range for the class. It is not possible to override a class’s age requirement in SIS, so in such a case, you will have to register by paper form. However, if you believe you/your child is within the “official age” for the class, there are a couple of things to try. First, if you are meaning to register your child, please be sure you are not accidentally trying to register yourself for the class instead. From the Account Holder Dashboard, you must click “Register” under your child’s name. Second, please make sure you are selecting the appropriate class; please contact the Dance Office if you are not sure you have chosen the correct class. Finally, please contact the registrar in the main Preparatory Office help in determining what is wrong.

How many students are typically enrolled in a class?

Officially, most Peabody Preparatory Dance classes must have eight students to run and are full when they reach fourteen students. However, class size generally decreases as the levels advance; i.e. the largest classes are the Young Children’s Program classes, and the smallest classes are levels such as 5/5X/6 in the Pre-Professional Program. Our faculty work very hard to place students quickly into the best possible learning environment.

Where can I get the appropriate dancewear to meet your dress code?

Artistic Costumes, located in the Lower Loch Raven Plaza (1304 Goucher Blvd, Towson, MD 21286), has everything you will need to meet our dress code. They can be reached at 410-321-1121. You may also find dance attire online at

Is there a discount on tuition for JHU students, or can a class credit be obtained?

No, there is no discount on tuition for JHU students, and Preparatory Dance classes are not for credit. However, full-time JHU students may be eligible to get their registration fee waived by writing a letter to the Dean prior to registration. For more information, please contact the main Preparatory Office.

I am a Johns Hopkins employee. Can I get tuition remission, and if so, how do I get it applied to my registration?

Johns Hopkins University full-time employees and their families are eligible for tuition remission credit. The amount of tuition remission credit is dependent on the policies of the division in which the University employee works and the type of instruction desired at the Preparatory. Tuition Remission is part of the registration and payment process and is therefore handled by the main Preparatory Office. Please visit their page and click on “Payment Options” for more information.

Still have unanswered questions? Please contact the Dance Office for anything regarding classes and placement or the main Preparatory Office for anything regarding official registration and payment.