Looking for a job? We’ve compiled some tips for you below:

  • Access multiple databases. Start with Handshake and the External Job Search Links tool below. Search using filters, keywords, or even simple scrolling. You can supplement with conventional search engines like Google, but this may produce incomplete results.
  • Search regularly. We suggest quick investigations daily and more intensive searches weekly.
  • Join professional organizations. You can use these to gain access to global networks and specialty job listings. See our Explore Career Paths webpage for more information.
  • Network. Connect with professionals in your field so they can think of you when opportunities arise. Create a profile on LinkedIn, take part in conferences and festivals, and grow your online presence through your website and social media.
  • Submit polished materials. When you apply for a position, use a finely-crafted cover letter and resume catered to the duties and qualifications listed in the job description. Visit our Professional Materials page for tips and templates.
  • LAUNCHPad can help! Contact us to discuss your goals, identify search strategies, and refine your application materials.

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Peabody offers paid, mentored, and volunteer opportunities to explore careers options in the arts, develop transferrable skills, and build lasting community networks. Most opportunities are posted through SMILE, Peabody's student job portal.


Use Handshake to find job listings in a variety of areas, including performance and other arts. Handshake is the primary way LAUNCHPad shares external job listings with Peabody students and alumni.

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