Whether you are looking to gain experience, find paid work, or create and fund artistic projects, we offer a variety of programs and curate resources to help you apply artistic and other career skills outside of the studio, practice room, or classroom. Check out the links below to start exploring!

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Gain Experience

Experiential learning programs at Peabody offer students and recent alumni paid and volunteer opportunities to explore careers options in the arts, build transferrable skills, and make lasting connections with staff and faculty, as well as mentors in the wider community.

Community-Based Learning

Take your artistic work into the community through a variety of paid and volunteer programs, including mentorship and training opportunities.

Performer Referral Service

Apply to local, paid performance opportunities in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area.

Student Employment

Find work study openings, on-campus jobs, and internships at Peabody and across JHU on the SMILE platform.

Competitions & Festivals

Perform in new settings, gain fresh perspectives, and earn fellowships and competition prizes.

Earn Money

Search for part-time or full-time employment, find and create paid performance opportunities, and pursue funding for your artistic projects.

Create Performance Opportunities

Learn how to find and apply to existing performance opportunities, or create your own!

Find Grant Funding

Apply to grants and awards through Peabody and other external organizations to fund your artistic projects.