Developing a marketable portfolio takes time. Peabody LAUNCHPad offers a wide variety of tools to help you get started on developing the professional materials you need!

Getting Your Work Out There

Marketing and self-promotion help introduce you and your artistic work to the world.

Professional Materials

Bios, resumes, teaching statements, press kits, and other professional materials help you stand out and communicate your brand to presenters and potential employers.


Building relationships is a massive part of every artist's professional life. Here are some tools that help artists stay in touch with colleagues and audiences!

Business Cards

Business cards can spread your brand and let people know how to stay in touch!


Mailing lists and regular newsletters can help you build a fanbase and keep audiences updated on recent and upcoming projects.

Online Publications

Press releases, reviews, blogs, and other resources help people find your work.

Promotion Avenues at Peabody

Peabody and JHU offer a variety of avenues to share news, events, and accomplishments for our community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff.