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Searching for a job? Here are some basic tips:

  • Access multiple databases. Use Handshake, our Local Jobs & Opportunities page, and other sites listed on our Job Search Resources page to begin your search – you can browse jobs and also search using keywords. If you use conventional search engines as well, bear in mind that Googling for jobs produces incomplete results because job announcements are often posted on sites that either aren’t crawled by search engines or aren’t highly ranked.
  • Search regularly. You might do intensive searches weekly and quick investigations daily.
  • Join professional organizations. Through such organizations, you can gain access to global networks and specialty job listings. See our Explore Career Possibilities page for links.
  • Network. Connect with diverse professionals in your field so that you’ll be on their radar screens when opportunities arise. To do so, in addition to joining professional organizations, get to know local pros, create a profile on LinkedIn and add connections, participate in conferences & festivals, and grow your online presence via your website and social media.
  • Submit polished materials. When you apply, ensure that your cover letter, resume, and any other materials are finely crafted and that they address all of the duties and qualifications listed in a position announcement.
  • Collaborate with LAUNCHPad. Contact us to explore ways to generate opportunities, expand your search strategies, and refine your application materials.

Use the resources below to search for jobs and opportunities, and fine-tune your next application!