Program Details

This workshop was created by artists for artists that want to identify, develop, and refine a creative project to seek grant funding. Based on The Path To Funding, the concepts and techniques presented come from the perspective of performing artists. The skills and ideas presented are transferable to all artistic practices. This workshop helps you articulate who you are as an artist, connect you and your work with non-artists/funders, and develop an organized approach to writing about a creative project. 

You learn how to create project budgets and timelines, build strategic approaches to generating work samples, and present a compelling proposal or grant application that succinctly aligns your values and your project with a potential funder. Join this workshop and community to bridge the gap from idea to action.

Who Should Attend the Workshop:

  • Emerging artists interested in guidance on how to navigate the professional landscape, gather funding, and build or expand an audience.
  • Artists launching their own creative projects or startups and require a solid foundation in funding and audience engagement.
  • Art administrators tasked with securing funding for artistic projects or that could benefit from understanding the financial and promotional challenges artists face.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Craft a clear and compelling mission that encapsulates your artistic vision and purpose.
  • Learn techniques to brainstorm, refine, and develop your artistic vision, purpose, and innovative artistic projects.
  • Prepare a concise proposal package with a concise description, a realistic budget and timeline, and relevant work samples that captivate potential funders, collaborators, and your audience.
  • Dive deep into strategies to identify potential funders, from grants to private donors, and how to approach them with confidence.
  • Equip yourself with tools and techniques to talk about your work passionately, persuasively, and in a manner that resonates with different stakeholders.


Zane Forshee

Zane Forshee serves as the Marc C. von May Distinguished Chair of Professional Studies, Director of Peabody LAUNCHPad, and is a guitar faculty member of the Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University.

Christina Manceor

Christina Manceor is a percussionist, career educator, and entrepreneur who integrates problem solving and collaboration to enhance and innovate experiences for students, audiences, and arts organizations.

Robin McGinness

Robin McGinness is an operatic baritone and career coach whose current interests include finding ways to use theater and games to facilitate professional development, self-management for performers, art song house concerts, and modernizing the operatic repertoire.