There is no pre-screening requirement for Organ.

All Applicants

Recorded auditions must display the performer at the organ console with full view of the player’s hands and feet.

Bachelor of Music

  • One work by J. S. Bach (except for Eight Little Preludes and Fugues)
  • Two contrasting works

The total time of recorded submissions for the bachelor of music should not exceed 20 minutes.

Graduate Degrees and Doctor of Musical Arts

  • A major work by J. S. Bach (i.e. prelude and fugue, trio sonata, concerto, etc.)
  • Two contrasting works from French classic, 19th century German or French, or post-1910 repertoire

The total time of recorded submissions for graduate degrees or the DMA should not exceed 30 minutes.

Artist Diploma

AD applicants must prepare a program of no less than 70 minutes duration, representing at least three style periods and including at least two large-scale works.