The Peabody Guitar Ensemble Program is an applied study of ensemble arts in the context of guitar in a small ensemble setting.

Guitar duos, trios, and quartets learn traditional and contemporary repertoire with an emphasis on elements of technique, musicianship, performance, and ensemble skills as applied to this medium.

Guitar ensemble is required for the first 3 years of undergraduate and the 1st year of graduate study in guitar performance degrees.

Ensembles in this program will perform in various forums, including repertoire classes, master-classes, recitals, and in showcases in collaboration with various other departments of The Peabody Institute. The guitar ensemble program collaborates yearly with Peabody Dance in a showcase that  explores integration of choreography with the immediacy of live performance.

Core learning outcomes for this program include:

  • Improve part playing and simultaneous listening skills through applied knowledge and understanding of the interaction of parts with others within the context of the melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and larger architecture structure of the repertoire being studied.
  • Improve both their real-time intra-ensemble musical communication¬† skills through study and practice of gestures, body-language and in-rhythm breathing, and their stage-persona through study and practice of these musical communication skills as applied to musical interaction with the audience.
  • Improve overall performance skills in small ensemble setting through study and practice of appropriate repertoire with emphasis on balance, rhythmic and pitch precision, temporal awareness, musicianship and stylistic elements of phrasing and musical expression.
  • Improve the effectiveness of ensemble rehearsals through heightened sonic awareness, organizational rehearsal strategies and utilization of technology for feedback.
  • Increase enjoyment of and develop an appreciation for classical guitar in the small ensemble setting as a lifelong creative outlet for self expression and teamwork through better understanding of the expressive capabilities of this medium.

For more information, please contact guitar ensemble coordinator Serap Bastepe-Gray.