Peter Lander has been teaching and performing music around the Baltimore and DC region for the past 25 years. He has been the Director of Bands at the Gilman School in Baltimore, MD for the past 8 years and before that he was the band, choir and orchestra director at Hereford High School in Parkton, Maryland. In addition, Peter has sustained a private teaching trumpet studio consisting of 25 to 30 students for the past 10 years. Peter also serves as a private trumpet instructor for the Peabody Preparatory in Baltimore, MD. He was also a brass and choir instructor for the Baltimore Symphony’s OrchKids program for about 10 years. In addition to his teaching career, Peter has been able to remain active as a performer around the region as a trumpet player, guitar player and singer. Peter received his undergraduate in performance and music education at the Peabody Conservatory, and his Master’s in Trumpet Performance at The University of New Mexico, where he served as the teacher’s assistant to the trumpet professor. Peter is also a dedicated father of 3, who enjoys spending time camping, fishing and biking with his wife and children.