As a viola and violin teacher, Maddi Bohman has taught privately, group classes, ran orchestra sectionals, and helped to lead large ensembles. She is currently Violin and Viola Faculty at Peabody Preparatory and holds the position of Associate Director of YPSP (Young People’s String Program) Upper Strings at the Prep. She has also worked as a String Fellow with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids program, teaching students in public schools across Baltimore City. She has participated in collaborative composition weeks with her students and continues to encourage students to express themselves through their music, art, and words. This creative energy and freedom to explore is incorporated into her classroom, and she lets her students know that any medium of creativity is worth being shared with the world.

During her time with BSO’s OrchKids program, Bohman has developed a passion for urban education and social justice and incorporates ideals of equality and equity into her teaching. She also encourages repertoire by both underrepresented and contemporary composers in her classroom.

As a performer, Bohman has participated in many chamber music festivals in the United States and in Italy. During her time at Peabody, she has played in several chamber groups and has had positions as both Principal and Assistant Principal in Peabody orchestras. She has played and performed a wide variety of repertoire, from Bach suites to 21st century music, and has performed in different venues in the Baltimore area.

Bohman received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Viola Performance from Peabody Conservatory, with an emphasis in Violin/Viola Pedagogy. She also took violin minor lessons with Rebecca Henry. All her viola studies at Peabody Conservatory were under the tutelage of Victoria Chiang.