Louise Hildreth-Grasso completed her Bachelor of Music at the University of Surrey, England, and holds a GPD from the Peabody Conservatory. As part of her undergraduate studies, Hildreth-Grasso spent a year as an exchange student at University of North Texas. Upon her return to England, she began an extensive period of viola study with Rivka Golani in London and Canada. Since moving to Baltimore, she has been active in the recording and performing of works by contemporary composers, as well as working with local orchestras as a freelance violist. She conducted the Sinfonia and Sinfonietta for the Greater Baltimore Youth Orchestra from 2005 to 2010. Hildreth-Grasso has been teaching at Peabody Preparatory since 2000. She received the Preparatory’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2006. Her former students have studied music at Eastman School of Music, Peabody Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, Shenandoah Conservatory, and University of Maryland at College Park.

Hildreth-Grasso lives in Baltimore City with her husband, dog Coda, and cat Serenity.