Christopher Fotis has established himself as a multi-faceted opera singer and advancing voice teacher with a career spanning over 10 years. Known for his vibrant and lyrical voice, he has performed across the East Coast, from New York to Maryland and North Carolina. He also has performed in two world premieres, most notably Grounded with Washington National Opera. As a dedicated voice teacher, Fotis imparts his expertise, nurturing emerging talent with a focus on healthy vocal technique, artistic expression, and a student-first approach. His motto is “Nurture Excellence, Inspire Beauty.” He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Towson University, as well as a Master’s degree and Advanced Certificate in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from New York University.

With an unwavering commitment to both his artistry and his students, Fotis continues to inspire the next generation of singers, leaving a lasting impact on the world of opera and vocal education.